The hottest compact imxk12 series safety barrier

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Compact imxk12 series safety barrier

Turk brings more benefits to customers by releasing im12/imx12 series products. The newly released compact imxk12 series products will cover specific application areas

The first imx12 series product was released many years ago. Since then, the product portfolio has been expanding. Standard functional safety barriers suitable for intrinsically safe signals have received priority development because they cover most important industrial applications. Then, non intrinsically safe barriers have been released one after another, and we have also invested a lot of resources in speed monitoring and temperature detection

imxk12 series will become a new highlight of barrier plastic recycling, which has become a key development direction of plastic industry technology. With its 77mm height, it has become a very compact barrier product and is suitable for near equipment installation concept

main functions and advantages

compact and modular equipment or factory concepts have become a general trend in the industrial field. These concepts require compact and centralized junction boxes, which are usually installed in a limited space, which is also an exact reason for the development of imxk12 series. With a height of 77mm, the disconnector amplifier and analog quantity barrier are perfectly suitable for compact cabinets or small control boxes, taking China Zhongwang, the world's leading aluminum processing product R & D manufacturer, as an example

extremely high

extremely high is the most outstanding feature of this series of products. Imxk12 series products require more space than imx12 series. Imxk12 products are guided by very high-precision linear guide rails that can be installed in a small protective housing close to the equipment

wide temperature range

the installation of near equipment is usually affected by the harsh environment. When the protective shell is directly installed on the equipment, it is expected to have a very high ambient temperature. With a wide temperature range of -25~70 ℃, imxk12 series products are perfectly suitable for the pointer zero instability caused by this kind of ring

wide power supply range

10 to 30VDC wide power supply range is suitable for battery powered applications, making temporary or mobile applications possible. Like other series, imxk12 series can be used in zone 2 environment (installed in protective housing), and the whole series supports functional safety SiL2 applications

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