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Set up a communication platform, 12 industry associations set up talent workstations for the first time

in the future, industry associations will become a platform for public and social services of talents and personnel. Yesterday, 12 industry associations in Wenzhou were approved to set up the first batch of talent workstations and held a station setting and licensing ceremony. Xu Jiping, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech

the first batch of approved talent workstations are 12 industry associations, including shoe leather, plastics, auto and motorcycle parts, electronic information industry, instrumentation, chemical industry, printing, fasteners, synthetic leather, metal, building materials, Yueqing ship work, etc. It is reported that the above is the precautions for the selection of hydraulic universal experimental machine fixtures to share with you. If the industry association is very enthusiastic about applying for the establishment of talent workstations, more than 70 industry associations in our city have applied for the establishment of 40

it is reported that after the establishment of the talent workstation, the industry association will be authorized (entrusted) by the Personnel Bureau to carry out relevant businesses and do a good job in the information transmission of the government, enterprises and talents. Cooperate with the personnel department in the public service of talents and personnel, and assist in the investigation and statistics of various talents in the industry; Organize enterprises in this industry to actively participate in various talent recruitment activities, and help qualified enterprises do a good job in the "talent introduction" of enterprises, etc

Xu Jiping said at the awarding ceremony that the establishment of the talent workstation of the industry association is a new measure for the city's talent work to comply with the trend of economic and social development and promote institutional innovation. In the current economic situation, the establishment of talent workstations in industry associations is conducive to promoting the independent metal tension testing machine of enterprises. Literally, it is an experimental machine that stops testing the tension of metal. Is there enough storage capacity in your library? Hurry up if you want to stock up! Innovate, promote transformation and upgrading, and enhance the vitality of enterprise development. We should make full use of the new platform of talent workstation, actively help enterprises introduce urgently needed talents and technologies, and mobilize and organize all kinds of talents in the industry to make contributions to the development of Wenzhou

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