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Explore a new service mode of "platform + housekeeper" in the future community "community governance"

community is the basic functional unit of modern urban social governance, and it is also an important carrier to improve the modernization level of urban social governance and meet people's growing needs for a better life. In 2019, the "government work report" of Zhejiang Province for the first time included the construction of future communities in the provincial strategy, with the fundamental purpose of meeting the people's yearning for a better life, the value orientation of humanization, ecology and digitalization, and the innovation of nine scenes, including neighborhood, education, health, entrepreneurship, construction, transportation, energy, property and governance, to create a new urban functional unit with a sense of belonging, comfort and future. The exploration of future community platform + butler service mode has achieved the organic integration and successful implementation of innovative ideas

I. platform + housekeeper empowers better life services in the future community

the enabling value of platform + housekeeper is reflected in more comfortable and convenient community life, accurate matching of residents' community needs, CO governance and co construction management of neighbors, as well as efficient operation and sustainable development of the community. The foundation of the future community platform + housekeeper operation logic is to provide local life services based on the value chain, that is, to build a community life service system with residents as the center, housekeepers as the connection, and trust as the link. Relying on the future community smart service platform, with the help of community housekeepers who are proficient in service, management and management, they provide residents with all kinds of precision life services, and help community space management and asset operation. In 2016, the national paper and paperboard production was 108.55 million tons, and finally activate the life connotation of community co governance, sharing and symbiosis in the future

platform + housekeeper service mode enables community housekeepers to have their own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Through the information system platform, the integration of property, business, life, government and other service functions is realized, which not only provides housekeepers with information service tools, but also enables residents to quickly share and use various information. At the same time, it also improves the efficiency and quality of community governance through the optimization algorithm of big data, which can be described as killing several birds with one stone. Using the big data provided by the future community smart service platform can also help the property change from the traditional management focus on things to the innovative value service focus on people. Through community data collection and analysis, we can form new business products for the political, commercial and civil use of big data to provide supply side innovation such as life services, social services and public services, truly achieve innovative supply, activate demand, and make the supply side service platform and flat for community governance by enhancing the intelligent level of community convenience and benefit, so as to realize up-down linkage, transparent process, accurate control and convenient service

second, what problems does platform + housekeeper solve? The enabling relationship between the platform and various roles

(I) residents

cater to the lazy economy and personalized consumption needs, face hundreds of life scenes of six categories of community service objects, and clearly convey the temperature of community and family services

elderly: home care, day care, institutional elderly care

Qing: canteen in the park, daily necessities distribution, entertainment

primary: early childhood education, summer camp, interest class

examples of smart service platform residential app

(II) property management

integrate online and offline resources, further expand the development space of value-added services while creating a more convenient community living environment for residents, create new profit points, improve management efficiency, reduce energy consumption costs and personnel costs, and realize the service upgrading and business transformation of property enterprises

management efficiency: the property service process is online and traceable; Visual management of the whole area to reduce personnel costs

equipment management: Based on data analysis, AI linkage control can reduce the cost of community equipment management, and realize the work closed loop of intelligent perception of abnormal events and multi terminal linkage

Business Intelligence: provide big data auxiliary tools including collection, collation and analysis, and convert their results into useful information such as residents' portraits and commodity views to assist community housekeepers in operational decisions

value added revenue generation: mining data value, providing personalized marketing of value-added property services such as real estate rental and sale and community o2o based on platform collaboration, so that products and services can be accurately reached

examples of the property side of the smart service platform

(III) merchants

residents' portraits formed by the demand supply side based on the big data of the platform help housekeepers match businesses and businesses accurately respond to the personalized needs of residents

examples of consumer portraits of residents

16 major business formats of community commerce:

domestic nanny. House maintenance, car service, pet service

settling down, financial replacement, recycling, home exclusive for family insurance

through the background big data analysis to capture the needs of the residents' community, the housekeeper through strict selection, selection, matching the corresponding source of goods and merchants, residents order through the app, and then the merchants make an appointment to deliver to the door; At the same time, taking advantage of the characteristics of high concentration in the community, we will match the needs of residents with periodic service and commodity supply, improve the turnover efficiency of businesses and reduce circulation costs

(IV) community

by creating a characteristic neighborhood cultural space, creating a neighborhood interactive life community, and creating a humanistic atmosphere of communication, blending and heart to heart, we can realize the transformation from guided management to co governance and co creation management mode, and improve the neighborhood atmosphere

establish a contribution point mechanism for everyone: exchange services for points, collect knowledge and skills sharing points, environmental protection points, public welfare activities points, contribution points, reputation points, sports points and other diversified contents in the community, and form a neighborhood exchange and interaction atmosphere for everyone's contribution

establish a smooth credit exchange service exchange mechanism: the neighborhood credit mechanism is associated with financial institutions to achieve personal credit reporting for residents; Through the exchange of points, we can enjoy personalized and customized special services in the community, and realize the interconnection with community commerce and convenient consumption in the community

build a comprehensive neighborhood service platform: build a comprehensive service platform integrating social security, car owner service, living payment, medical consultation, cultural entertainment and other functions, realize the timely matching of service demand and contribution supply, and efficiently match residents' mutual assistance and resource sharing

III. future community housekeepers, representatives of residents' rights and interests, service resource linkers

traditional property services focus on things, and the main management objects are entities without social attributes such as buildings, facilities and equipment and community vegetation. The management boundary is the physical area delineated by the red line map, and the main management contents are cleaning, greening, order maintenance, facilities and equipment maintenance, focusing on how to make residents live better. In the future, the butler service in the community will be positioned as an innovative service focusing on human services, mainly serving the lifestyle of residents, and the management boundary will be based on the scope of people's life. The main management content will focus on community construction, shopping services, elderly care services, education services, medical services, convenience services, etc., focusing on how to make residents' lives better

future community service value chain logic

(I) source of housekeepers

future community housekeepers can come from the following two sources:

1. Community full-time housekeepers

establish a relatively stable community full-time management team through internal recruitment, external recruitment (social recruitment, school enterprise cooperation) and other channels. Community full-time housekeepers are responsible for the recruitment of community volunteer housekeepers, the operation of neighborhood points, and the matching of community consumption and demand information

2. Community volunteer housekeeper

based on the neighborhood integral mechanism, recruit volunteers and establish a dynamic community volunteer housekeeper team. Community volunteer housekeepers complete service tasks in the community according to the assignment of full-time housekeepers, and earn points through services

(II) housekeeper portrait

1. Role positioning: service provider, space manager, resource matcher, scene builder

2. Personnel characteristics: willing to help others, love learning, willing to share, love life

3. Knowledge and skills: traditional property service skills, resource integration and information utilization, service design and warmth building, smart platform application, daily first aid knowledge (AHA), etc

4. Mental outlook: gentleman/lady, elegant, capable, rigorous and serious

(III) housekeeper's core positioning

excellent service, understanding management, good management, realizing the circulation and utilization of internal and external resources, maintaining internal communication, sharing, and emotional blending, and providing accurate services to match residents' living needs based on community life scenes

1. Excellent service

proficient in various community services, on the basis of doing a good job in basic property services, it can give full play to its subjective initiative, provide personalized family services, solve various life service needs for community residents, and become the life adviser and service assistant of future community residents

2. Understand management

have the basic ability of community management, team management and community management, coordinate and manage the professional lines or professional outsourcing parties in the operation team, and form an orderly operation with the future community housekeeper as the core

3. Be good at business

have the ability to select professional resources, select and cultivate excellent suppliers, and be able to effectively supervise, manage, evaluate and assess them, so as to maintain and increase the value of community asset operation

(IV) what will the future community housekeeper do

1. Basic services

according to the principle of free basic property services and value-added services for future community residents, realize the distribution of all elements of providing basic property services free of charge, including cleaning, green protection, security, warranty, etc

cleaning services: indoor and outdoor daily cleaning services, special node and equipment cleaning services in the public area, such as road/square cleaning services, water system cleaning services, unit hall cleaning services, underground garage cleaning services, garbage collection/classified treatment, fruit shell box cleaning/beautification

greening services: Daily greening maintenance, greening disaster prevention and twists and turns treatment, such as lawn maintenance, tree and shrub maintenance and replanting, seasonal flower maintenance, aquatic plant maintenance, hedge maintenance, potted plant maintenance, greening drug management

security services: Patrol services, vehicle management, emergency disposal, etc., such as guard duty, safety patrol, fire management, order maintenance, vehicle management, visitor access, emergency disposal

warranty (Engineering) services: management and maintenance of facilities and equipment, disposal of engineering accidents, etc., such as undertaking inspection, comprehensive management of facilities and equipment, equipment patrol, emergency disposal of water/electricity failure, rescue and treatment of elevator trapped people, reporting of accidents and repairs, and management of Engineering suppliers

2. Family service

through the reuse of management human resources and the cultivation of housekeeper ability, provide warm family service for community residents free of charge, enhance the trust and emotional connection between housekeeper and community residents, and create a good reputation and harmonious relationship

know the cold and ask for warm services: warm tips for safety precautions, tips for travel in disaster climate, outdoor inspection of thunderstorms and typhoons

the purpose of binzhiru is to prevent these plastic bags from becoming new one-time bags, which belong to the welcome service: early delivery and late welcome service, visitor guidance service, visitor welcome service

home care services: housewarming services, warm tips for check-in, moving guidance services

heartwarming services: door handle protective cover in winter, vehicle shading service in summer, sweet candy service

love each other and provide convenient services

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