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the communication industry has become the fastest growing industry in Chongqing.

a few years ago, the brick like "big brother" was also regarded as a symbol of wealth, but now the total number of mobile users in Chongqing has reached 3.09 million! Not only that, Chongqing has also built the largest local in the world, and the number of fixed users has reached 3.69 million. The communication industry has developed by leaps and bounds, becoming the fastest growing industry in Chongqing

Chongqing is the joint point connecting the Yangtze River and the West. Guiyang Chengdu, Wuhan Chongqing, xiyucheng and other national communication optical cable trunks pass through Chongqing, and it is one of the important communication hubs in the West

in recent years, Chongqing has accelerated the construction of communication infrastructure by relying on scientific and technological progress. It has not only realized the program-controlled exchange and digital transmission, but also various advanced technologies such as optical fiber communication, digital microwave, satellite communication, multimedia communication have been widely used in communication. Chongqing information highway has begun to take shape, which has built a solid information infrastructure platform for the construction of Chongqing Information Port

at present, Chongqing Telecom and Chongqing Mobile have respectively built Internet data centers on the backbone interconnection, carrying more than 95% of Chongqing's information hosting business and more than 98% of Chongqing's information import and export volume, which has greatly promoted Chongqing's information process

in the construction of the electro-hydraulic servo controller station whose dynamic stiffness experimental system adopts the microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo fatigue experimental control technology as the core, our city has successively built a large number of stations that have a significant impact on Chongqing's economic construction, such as "Chongqing", "western enterprises and institutions station", "Chongqing will have a festival", "charming Chongqing" and so on. "Chongqing" has become the largest gateway station in Southwest China; The "western enterprises and institutions station" has more than 15000 registered enterprises, providing an important channel for enterprises in our city and the western region to go global

The rapid development of communication network makes "e-government" and "e-commerce" the most fashionable and popular words at present. The Municipal Communications Administration has successively established the party and government information, "Golden Tax instrument recovery process" and "Golden Customs project" for Chongqing party and government, taxation, customs and other departments, providing networks and circuits for all banking, insurance and other industries, and implementing dual route guarantee for important customers

nowadays, the informatization services provided by Chongqing's major communication operation enterprises have covered more than 90% of the city's government departments, 95% of enterprises and people, and have played a positive role in promoting Chongqing's informatization process. (Tang Yan)

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