Applicable characteristics of the three most popul

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Applicable characteristics of three different prototype equipment

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core tip: the applicable sensors of three different prototype equipment have also become one of the important indicators we choose The sensor of Jinan gold testing tensile machine adopts the characteristics of world-famous brands. The prototype is generally used as the sample preparation equipment for non-metallic samples in non-metallic tensile tests. Due to different sample preparation shapes, there are generally three different sample preparation

1 Dumbbell shaped prototype is applicable to the preparation of dumbbell shaped specimens in the tensile test of non-metallic hard materials, and dumbbell shaped specimens of various sizes can be prepared. This machine has high sample preparation efficiency, accurate sample size, and is equipped with cutting debris suction device, which is an important development direction of high molecular materials at present, and is conducive to environmental sanitation and equipment maintenance, while other materials

2. The universal prototype is used to process standard samples for impact, tension, compression and thermal performance tests of non-metallic hard materials such as rubber, plastic and plexiglass. This machine can be used for sawing, milling notches, milling dumbbell shapes and planes. Vacuum cleaners can be set up according to user needs to clean the debris generated during sawing and milling, and pay attention to keeping the environment clean. Or set the cooling circulation system

3. The notched sample machine is the instrument and equipment used by the cantilever beam and simply supported beam pendulum impact, such as the testing machine for the impact toughness test of non-metallic hard materials, and the notch depth is controlled by the micrometer; The prototype is widely used in the chemical industry, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, non-metallic material manufacturers, quality inspection departments and other units of the laboratory to make notch samples

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