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China's bamboo fiber composite technology has made new breakthroughs

China's bamboo fiber composite (4) 4% composite in other fields Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes the majority of users to consult our company's product material technology has made new breakthroughs recently, and the new technology promotes the application of bamboo from the traditional middle and low-end fields such as furniture, flooring, bamboo woven goods to the field of prefabricated construction and transportation

the international bamboo and rattan center led the market in short supply, and presided over the research and development of new technologies such as "key technologies for the manufacture and application of laminated bamboo veneer composites in prefabricated buildings", "key technologies for the manufacture of new bamboo plastic composites from bamboo processing and pulping residues", "key technologies for the efficient utilization of round bamboo structural materials". These technologies are aimed at the common problems of low utilization rate of bamboo, high processing energy consumption and low added value of products in China. With the support of the "Research on innovation of key technologies for high-value processing of bamboo" project of the national key R & D plan of the 13th five year plan, through the development and application of key technologies such as innovative bamboo fiber bundle stretching process, processing of new structural bamboo plastic composites and performance evaluation of round bamboo, The high-value and industrialized utilization of bamboo has been realized

experts believe that these new technologies have the international advanced level and are of great value to the promotion of green building materials and the reuse of bamboo materials and pulping waste in China. The interaction between materials and biological organisms is mainly manifested in two aspects, and major breakthroughs have been made in theoretical research, innovative technology and industrial application

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