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Balda selects mccrell tire pressure monitoring system integrated circuit solution

. On September 3, 2008, micrell Inc., an industry leader in analog, high bandwidth and Ethernet integrated circuit (IC) solutions, announced today, Balda solutions Malaysia has selected mcrael's microf112 and microf211 qwikradio (R) integrated circuit solutions as the selected equipment of the new tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for application products in the accessory market. The system consists of at least four sensor transmitters (using microf112) and a receiving display system (using rf211). This application product continuously monitors the pressure and temperature of the tire. Any 4. If the pressure or temperature of the tire exceeds the specified level with the permission of the test piece, this product will immediately remind the driver, so that the driver can greatly save fuel costs and wear costs

Mr. y.m. Leong, business development director of balda solutions Malaysia, said: we are very happy to choose mcrael's RF solution for the most advanced applications where I can use the residual energy to automatically swing after impacting the sample. Our goal is to provide our customers with cost-effective and highly reliable solutions. Mcrael's fully integrated integrated integrated circuit not only enables us to eliminate external components and reduce product costs, but also its simple drop-in design enables us to speed up product launch. We are also very satisfied with mcrael's technical support - the performance of their RF equipment is the best

in this system, a radio frequency link can also monitor the tire pressure and temperature, and remind the driver when the tire pressure and temperature are abnormal (exceeding the preset limit), so as to save lives. This RF solution includes mcrael's qwikradio (R) RF transmitter and receiver. In general, a receiver may consist of a series of tuning components, but the cost can be kept to a minimum by using mcrael's fully integrated single-chip solution. The transmitter is mechanically activated to transmit the encoded signal to the mccrael receiver. Mcrael's microf211 receives RF signals and converts them into digital signals. Then the decoder interrupts the digital signal to see if there is an alarm

John T. Lee, head of mcrael's mixed signal and RF products department, said: balda is the world's leading electronic manufacturer in the Asia Pacific region. It provides excellent and reversible curing products for global brand customers such as Sony Ericsson, Nokia, novero, Hitachi and canon. Balda is honored to use mcrael's RF solution in its new TPMS application. We hope elastopan can be produced in any color required by users, and TPMS application will develop rapidly in the next few years, because this application can help improve vehicle safety and increase the mileage per liter of gasoline. In the case of rising gasoline prices, increasing the mileage per liter of gasoline is an important measure to save costs

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