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Baling Petrochemical builds a million ton caprolactam enterprise on December 19, Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company, which is committed to building a world-class non ethylene fine chemical enterprise, held a 2012 work conference and decided to further implement fine management, implement measures from eight aspects, and comprehensively complete the six work goals of next year's benefits, sales revenue, investment, total production volume, HSE and the approval and construction of key projects, Serve as the main force in promoting the construction of new industrialization in the city. It was learned from the meeting that in the first 11 months of this year, in the face of complex and severe competition, the company made concerted efforts to meet the challenges, and achieved a cumulative sales revenue of 21.5 billion yuan, an increase of 1.65 billion yuan, an increase of 8.46%, tax payment of 2.926 billion yuan, overall profit of 366 million yuan, and a year-on-year increase of 194 million yuan

this year, the company continued to put safety and environmental protection in the first place, implemented strong safety management, deepened "I want safety" and created "safe construction site" activities, and achieved "zero accidents" in safety and environmental protection work. The economic and technical indicators were further improved. The company assessed 52 items of raw material consumption of main products that were comparable to the plan, and 52 items completed the plan; The comprehensive energy consumption of 10000 yuan output value decreased compared with the previous year; He demanded 26.73 million tons of industrial water consumption, a year-on-year decrease of 3.67 million tons, a decrease of 12%; The planned completion rate of cumulative finished product quality indicators was 100%, with a year-on-year increase of nearly 2 percentage points. The standardized management level of the company has been improved, new achievements have been made in scientific and technological innovation, and the party building and harmonious enterprise construction have been fruitful. It has been rated as the national advanced grass-roots party organization

while doing a good job in production and operation, Baling Petrochemical will further optimize (the article comes from global polyurethane) and clarify its development plan in the starting year of the 12th Five Year Plan, and promote the construction of six major key projects with safety and quality, including 120000 tons/year styrene, 50000 tons/year special epoxy resin, 60000 tons/year special lithium polymer, 200000 tons/year caprolactam, 100000 tons/year hydrogen peroxide, one heat and power furnace and 500 (1) 000mm 2 machine. By the first ten days of December, the ten thousand ton o-cresol epoxy tree TNS of 120000 tons/year styrene, 100000 tons/year hydrogen peroxide, 200000 tons/year caprolactam and 50000 tons/year special epoxy resin has been confirmed by the evaluation team on site, and the structural characteristics and working principle of ez1a torsion testing machine have been handed over in the middle of the project, such as grease and inter plant pipelines; The 60000 ton/year special lithium polymer and one boiler and one machine project of thermoelectricity have achieved civil engineering and safety, and entered the stage of equipment installation. On December 6, the company held the Establishment Ceremony with the joint venture of Zhejiang Hengyi group, and the newly-built caprolactam unit with an annual output of 200000 tons will enter trial production in the second quarter of next year

looking forward to the future, Zhu Jianmin, general manager of Baling Petrochemical, said that in 2012, the company will face the challenge of more complex and fierce market competition, the cost of enterprise labor and other costs will further rise, and the assessment of Sinopec headquarters will be more strict and refined. In order to achieve the six major work goals, the company must have strong measures and practical actions

Zhu Jianmin said that Baling Petrochemical will implement the work goals in 2012 from eight aspects. First, further strengthen HSE management. Second, we should take effective measures, focus on the production and operation of unlisted sectors, open our minds, find growth points of economic benefits, expand sources and reduce expenditure, and go all out to achieve the annual benefit goals. Seek benefits from optimized operation; Benefit from effectively increasing the total amount; Seek benefits from characteristic high value-added products; Seek benefits from energy conservation and consumption reduction; Seek benefits from reducing controllable costs; Benefit from long-term operation. Third, we should further improve the level of refined management. We should improve the system according to the advanced standards, standardize the management in 10 aspects, and consolidate the foundation, that is, strengthen the comprehensive budget management; Strengthen the performance appraisal of all staff; Strengthen the cost target management of all staff; Strengthen material procurement management; Strengthen the management of project bidding and subcontracting; Strengthen the logistics management of dangerous chemicals and precursor drugs; Strengthen financial discipline management; Strengthen the implementation of internal control system; Strengthen the management of related party transactions; Strengthen the management of foreign contracts. Fourth, we should do a good job in the commissioning and start-up of new devices. Make all preparations carefully. Fifth, we should further accelerate the pace of development. Sixth, we should further promote reform and remove institutional and institutional obstacles. Seventh, we should further strengthen ideological and political work. Eighth, we should take multiple measures to further improve people's livelihood and strive to build a harmonious enterprise

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