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Baling Petrochemical carried out energy-saving transformation of the cooling tower

at noon on August 14, the temperature in Northern Hunan hit by the "autumn tiger" reached 36 degrees Celsius. The chemical fertilizer division of Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company transformed the No. 1 cooling tower fan of the coal instead of oil circulating water system through energy-saving transformation, which operated smoothly and played a role in power saving. This fan uses a Francis adjustable speed turbine to replace the original motor as the wind power source, so that the driving mode of the fan is changed from electric power to hydraulic power, which can save more than 1.5 million kwh of electricity every year. It is reported that the tower is by far the largest cooling tower for water turbine reconstruction in China. The picture shows the change of the main technical index "thermal conductivity" of the water vapor head of the chemical fertilizer division of Baling Petrochemical, which directly affects the vacuum insulation board. The Municipal Institute of quality and engineering can carry out the research that the first shift of staff in the cold liquid section of the covering polyethylene (PE) workshop cools the company under the patrol high temperature, showing the operation of the tower fan

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