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According to official data, by the end of June, the national car ownership had reached 205million, of which 156 million were private cars, accounting for 76.32%. Since the second half of 2016, the monthly average has increased by 1.64 million, showing a sustained and rapid growth trend. In this case, the automotive aftermarket, which is dependent on the size of the automotive stock market, has also ushered in an explosion. According to the analysis report on the market outlook and investment strategic planning of the automotive aftermarket industry released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the size of the automotive aftermarket in 2017 is expected to be close to trillion

and the automotive aftermarket model, represented by car sharing home and combined with Internet, has also taken advantage of the trend to rise. As an emerging market, the competition between the post market platforms of connected cars is becoming increasingly fierce, and various data discussing who has the more competitive advantage have been released. So, in the strong offline and service-oriented automotive aftermarket, when we discuss the industry first, what should we discuss

online = offline experience leads to customer satisfaction

different from various products and services derived from the Internet era, the automotive aftermarket has the nature of "traditional industry" to some extent. Before the advent of the Internet tide, brand 4S stores, individual repair shops, and car beauty have widely existed. Interconnection has only changed the operation mode of automotive after-sales service, and it is not possible to move the real service to the Internet

therefore, the automotive aftermarket is still an offline industry in essence, which is "doing service". By "+ connecting it", an interconnected automotive afterservice platform is formed. Because of this, in any case, the perception of its users must ultimately come from offline. Who can do better offline and control the quality, process and standard of the whole service, who can truly capture the minds of consumers

"+ interconnection" logic is essentially different from "interconnection +" products that emphasize online, weak offline and simply start from interconnection. This also shows that user recognition of offline services is more important than online app data. Based on this, as an offline industry, if the introduction of interconnection can not unify the online and offline experience, it should have been a kind of interconnection of "mode progress", but it may also have a negative impact on users' psychology. Therefore, the after vehicle service platform must ensure the user experience of "online = offline"

the key reason why chexiangjia is highly recognized by customers is that it is committed to providing consumers with a consistent user experience. In the past, the majority of car owners generally used to go to the store first, taking chances whether there was a station or not and how long they had to wait. Now, chexiangjia is trying to launch the mode of online reservation and order first, and then offline store experience. Through a series of measures such as "points, stations, working hours, goods, technicians", it ensures that the content that platform users see on the app and experience on site is completely consistent

in fact, behind this seemingly simple service process is the problem of offline and online resource docking and matching operations. Chexiangjia has been making breakthroughs in intelligent algorithms, striving to realize the real-time matching of appointment + station, so that users' car care is more casual and free, and also ensures the maximization of the work efficiency of the store

refining the scene service is not only icing on the cake

if we only consider 4S stores or self-employed auto repair businesses in a city, they will face a relatively single car scene. However, the automotive aftermarket Internet platform is facing the use of vehicles in different scenarios such as different seasons, different regions and different life stages. It only provides services for a single scenario without considering the actual vehicle needs of users, which is obviously not enough for users to recognize

Wu Sheng, the founder of scene laboratory and creator, said at the second anniversary press conference of chexiangjia, "the scene is changing. The scene can bring new lifestyles and new meanings. Today's car is our life scene; today's car is our subculture parallel space." Therefore, it is necessary to launch different services for different vehicle scenarios. In order to refine the service for car owners, chexiangjia has currently developed three dimensions and six scenes, striving to cover all aspects of "car life". In the future, scene refinement will be further developed

1. Time dimension. Considering users' needs in different seasons, chexiangjia will create its own landmark services according to seasonal changes. For example, in summer, it will focus on replacing the air intake system and air conditioning filter elements, and it is recommended that users check tires and brake pads. Considering the impact of climate conditions on the vehicle, for example, in the long rainy season in Shanghai, defective standard samples can be set up, which can affect the paint surface of the vehicle. Chexiangjia provides users with interior cleaning and paint cleaning in a timely manner

2. Location dimension. China is a vast country with obvious regional differences, especially the large north-south span. Chexiangjia provides different air conditioning treatment services for the haze in the north and the high temperature in the south. In addition, in terms of travel, in addition to providing pre trip detection and maintenance of self drive travel, providing users with full escort, it also provides related hotel and scenic spot recommendation services

3. Humanistic dimension. In terms of vehicle replacement, it provides users with professional testing, valuation and matching services to help users sell old cars at the highest price and seamlessly purchase and replace new cars; As far as users are concerned, they provide different services at different stages of life, such as providing safety seats for new parents and purifying the environment in the car

in chexiangjia, the scene is the service. The detailed scene means the personalized and customized overall solution all the time, everywhere and in every detail. It is not only the "icing on the cake" enterprise action of chexiangjia to surpass other competitors, but also the necessity of improving the service fineness and deepening user recognition of the whole after-sales service

there are more possibilities for the user experience of the new space

besides family and work, the car is a real new space. Focusing on "new space", there is more possibility to extend the business model, and there is more room to improve the user experience. The competition in the automotive aftermarket can even jump out of the industry and benchmark to new interconnection logic, such as takeout, taxi, intelligent ecology, etc

in fact, based on the above concept of online = offline, scene + service of user experience, chexiangjia is providing services for car owners with the goal of "new space", and its competition is no longer aimed at players in the industry, and it begins to think about the future of the entire automotive aftermarket industry

according to the needs and experience requirements of "the new space shall not be greater than 2mm at the same time", there is still a large gap in the services provided by the automotive aftermarket at present, because the user needs in the new user era have gone beyond the perspective of function and began to turn to emotional satisfaction. Brands should be able to give users a sense of security and satisfaction, and establish a long-term trust relationship with users

this is a completely new topic, which is also beyond travel. 1. The "data" competition in the crystalline material industry. At present, chexiangjia has become an emotional contact between people, cars and stores, helping car owners establish a partnership with cars, helping users form a tacit understanding like neighbors with stores rather than a confrontation between buyers and sellers, and also helping car owners form a community based on common hobbies, the same models and the same community, so that chexiangjia can finally get the trust of all users and become an integral part of "car life". Only in this way can we become the first in the real industry in terms of service and user experience

business model becomes the ultimate guarantee

whether it is online = offline, scene service or creating emotional ties and other excellent automotive aftermarket service ideas, there must be a corresponding business model as the ultimate guarantee for landing. The way of opening a store, daily operation and management are the "infrastructure" of service and experience

the traditional automobile aftermarket has been widely criticized. There are cases of extra charges, Jerry built products, shoddy goods and bullying the market. In a survey of car owners, almost every car owner has been "cheated" more or less. After online, the problems left by this traditional mode must also be solved, otherwise user experience and recognition are out of the question

at present, there are two different offline business models in the automotive aftermarket Internet platform: direct marketing and franchise. It is obvious that although direct sales in all walks of life are heavier in assets and more difficult to operate, they are superior to the franchise model in terms of user experience. The direct sales mode of car enjoyment home has covered 100 + cities and established 1100 + stores, ranking first in the industry. In order to ensure the user experience, we have spared no effort. It is self-evident that the user experience gap between enterprises that provide five insurances and one fund for all car repair workers and the so-called "broken 10000 home" platform, which is full of all kinds of casual and temporary workers and can be joined by hanging a card

in the future, with the goal of 10000 stores in five years, chexiangjia will also develop its stores through the franchise mode, but it will still ensure that it can test the heavy operation under light assets through the tensile test, not forgetting its original intention, and realize the rights and interests of users and service guarantee similar to direct sales. As Wu Sheng said, chexiangjia is no longer a simple post market solution today. It is not only a scene form of cross-border connection, but also a credit relationship formed by connecting with precise car owners. It is more often an infinite revolution, and it has just begun

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