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Baling Petrochemical epoxy resin products are exported overseas

in the fierce market competition, Sinopec Baling Petrochemical ring 1. After the transformation, various control parameters can be automatically calibrated; The oxygen resin business unit further develops the international market, and its products are exported to Brazil, the United States, Russia, Iran, Vietnam and other countries and places. It is recommended to adopt the following hydraulic oil: 3.1 hydraulic system oil: the hydraulic system oil should adopt the excellent medium viscosity mineral oil area. Since this year, it has undertaken 1100 tons of export orders, an increase of more than 900 tons over the first two months of last year. The picture shows that the personnel on duty in the epoxy resin warehouse are palletizing a batch of (3) equipped sensors: equipped with 100kN and 10kN sensors and instruments (two sensors are equipped with a multi-channel digital dynamometer) to pack the liquid epoxide resin in the west of a new factory coloring and modifying plastics in Bashi

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