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Balloon plastic bags broke into the high-speed railway line one after another. Staff: don't put floating objects around the railway.

red balloons and red banners invade the high-speed railway line

Xiamen (text/picture: Ke Zhihong, correspondent of Lin Luran in Xiamen) towards the end of the new year, festival activities are coming on stage one after another, and floating objects such as balloons and plastic bags are beginning to lose their "peace" again, and they rush to the high-speed rail line to join the fun. The day before yesterday, two incidents of "sneak attack" on the contact line of high-speed railway by floating objects occurred successively within the jurisdiction of Xiamen power supply section of Nanchang bureau group company

at 7:02 a.m. that day, the staff of Xiamen power supply section received the dispatching order and immediately took a car to carry out peripheral inspection. They found a balloon invading a messenger rope on the Jinjiang Xiang'an downlink. The diameter of the balloon is more than 1 meter, and a red banner of more than 3 meters is attached. Due to the heavy traffic on Fuzhou Xiamen line, in order to avoid affecting the normal shift operation, the railway department instructed the bullet trains to pass by lowering the bow and decelerating, which is equivalent to making the bullet trains carefully "bypass" the interference of balloons when driving. Some bullet trains were delayed due to deceleration. Later, when the line traffic was idle, the staff applied to block the line section and removed the balloon

coincidentally, at 13:03 that day, the supervisor of the dispatch and command center also brought an opportunity for ecological savings: internal research showed that "alarm" appeared again in the test lens - a pink plastic bag wrapped in Xiamen to the toothbrush factory. What physical performance tests should be done to meet the standard? The power supply line in the direction of Dongfu. The staff of Xiamen power supply section immediately dispatched and quickly drove away the "uninvited guest" who disturbed the power supply line through the live treatment of insulating rods. Fortunately, the railway transportation was not affected

the staff of Xiamen power supply section said that at this time of year, the emergency repair rate of foreign matter disposal will increase, and the main culprits are balloons, kites, plastic bags and other floating objects. Once the foreign matters are hung on the contact line, the bullet train will slow down and even cause delay, which will seriously affect the overall order of train operation

the staff reminded the public: do not fly kites, balloons, and Kongming lanterns within 500 meters from the railway line. In case of celebrations, be sure to tie the balloon traction line tightly to avoid the balloon breaking and affecting the safety of the high-speed rail contact line

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