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Baling Petrochemical Fujian 200000 ton/year caprolactam project signing

on May 18, the red button on the signing instrument of the key projects of the 14th cross strait economic and Trade Fair (Maritime Trade Fair) held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, said that as one of the 10 key projects of Central enterprises signed on site, Baling Petrochemical and Fuzhou Fuqing signed an investment agreement for the 200000 ton/year caprolactam project with a total investment of 3.6 billion yuan

Yang Yimin, deputy secretary of Fuzhou municipal Party committee and mayor, and Xu Tiejun, member of the Standing Committee of Fuzhou municipal Party committee and vice mayor, attended the signing ceremony and expressed their full support for promoting the construction of caprolactam project. Li Dawei, Secretary of the Party committee of Baling Petrochemical, and Luo Ruogu, member of the Standing Committee of Fuqing municipal Party committee and director of Jiangyin Industrial Park Management Committee, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties

on March 14 this year, Sinopec approved Baling Petrochemical to adopt a complete set of new caprolactam technology with independent intellectual property rights to carry out the construction of annual output of 200000 tons of caprolactam in Fujian, and carried out experiments within 24 hours to agree with the relevant construction plan. It required Baling Petrochemical to carry out environmental impact assessment, safety assessment and energy conservation assessment of the project as soon as possible, and implement the wharf construction mode and construction conditions, natural gas sources and prices, And steam supply plan, further optimize the construction plan and investment, and complete various approval procedures as soon as possible

according to the introduction, based on the caprolactam production technology of Sinopec, the product scale of this project is 200000 tons per year. The cyclohexanone oxime unit adopts the independently developed ammoximation process technology, the caprolactam unit adopts the independently developed cyclohexanone oxime multi-stage rearrangement and magnetic stabilized bed hydrofining process technology, and the ammonium sulfate unit adopts the independently developed neutralization crystallization process technology. After the project is put into operation, the annual output of liquid caprolactam is 200000 tons, the annual average sales revenue is nearly 4billion yuan, and the total annual profit and tax is more than 600million yuan

in order to further improve the market share of domestic caprolactam, meet the market demand of China's caprolactam and replace imported products, Sinopec entrusted Baling Petrochemical to build an annual output of 200000 tons of caprolactam projects in Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other places according to the unified deployment of the industry layout and the principle of being close to raw materials and close to the market

according to the deployment of Sinopec, Baling Petrochemical implements a series of strategies such as off-site development, formulates and implements the 'three-step' development strategy, lengthens the caprolactam long board, strives to build a million ton scale caprolactam plant, and builds a world-class caprolactam enterprise. In the special event of Fuqing investment promotion of the 14th maritime trade fair held on May 17, the leaders of Baling Petrochemical discussed with the party and government leaders of Fuzhou and Fuqing on the construction of a 200000 ton annual output project equipped with a full set of auxiliary weight amides in Fuqing Jiangyin Industrial Park

the cross strait economic and trade fair, referred to as the "maritime trade fair", is one of the largest cross strait economic and trade fairs with a sound government enterprise communication mechanism, jointly sponsored by the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, the China Council for the promotion of international trade, the General Administration of customs, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the Fujian Provincial People's government, and supported by the Ministry of Commerce. The previous life of the maritime trade fair was the "China (Fuzhou) International Investment month", which was founded in 1994. It has been renamed as the maritime trade fair since 1999. It is held in Fuzhou from May 18 to 22 every year, covering cross-strait cooperation, regional cooperation, commodity trading, project investment attraction, economic and trade discussions, cultural exchanges and other aspects. It is an important platform for cross-strait economic and trade exchanges and an important window for the pilot of economic and trade policies towards Taiwan

it is reported that 10 central enterprise projects were signed at the scene of this maritime trade fair, with a total investment of 24.897 billion yuan; There are 19 foreign enterprise projects, with a total investment of 1.938 billion US dollars and the use of foreign capital of 670 million US dollars; There are 21 private enterprise projects with a total investment of 60.043 billion yuan

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