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Bamboo charcoal standard has not been announced yet. Bamboo fiber underwear has been selling well in shopping malls.

cotton clothes once became fashionable. Now if you go to the market to buy underwear, you may hear many salespersons tell you that if you buy cotton, you are out. The most fashionable clothing now is bamboo fiber. It is not only breathable, but also sterilization, UV protection, heat preservation, deodorization, and many also contain negative ions... However, the interview learned that today's clothing with "bamboo charcoal" as the main selling point has a huge price difference, and the efficacy is difficult to prove. When you buy, it's really not easy to distinguish

it is also bamboo charcoal fiber underwear, and the price difference between different merchants is very large.

at the exit of a large supermarket in Nanjing Gulou, a bamboo charcoal monopoly store has a wide range of bamboo charcoal products. Among them, bamboo fiber clothing is the main product. "Look at our bamboo charcoal underwear", the hostess warmly introduced, saying that now people who pay attention to bamboo fiber clothes are beginning to wear, because it can deodorize, breathe, and also antibacterial, bacteriostatic, in addition, it can release negative ions, with far infrared... And such multifunctional clothes, the price is not cheap. According to the landlady, all the customers who come to buy now are repeat customers, and the business is very good. As she said, she took out a suit of clothes, "feel it, and it feels very soft". And she saw that the manufacturer's price for this underwear is close to 300 yuan a set, which is about 6 times that of the ordinary cotton underwear of the better brand. If compared with the ordinary cotton underwear of the general brand, the price of a set can be up to 10 times worse. High tech and multi-performance are the key points recommended by the landlady. Nowadays, wearing underwear is not only healthy, but also a mantra of businesses

in another bamboo charcoal clothing store, similar clothing merchants took the initiative to offer a 50% discount on clothes priced at more than 200 yuan. The merchants took the "season change" as the reason. Now it's only more than 100 yuan, which is the most cost-effective purchase. The cheapest bamboo charcoal fiber underwear costs about 30 yuan a piece. When you come to a clothing market in Nanjing, there are also bamboo fiber underwear, which is almost the same package. A certain sign says "women's underwear with a national unified retail price of 22.8 yuan". The real price is directly 5.2 yuan, which is almost the same as that of other cotton underwear. Similar bamboo charcoal fiber clothes are produced in Zhejiang and Guangdong, but they all contain more than 90% bamboo fiber

there is a lack of unified standards, and the quality is "hard to say"

it is found that the bamboo charcoal clothing publicity of merchants with two health concepts of fractional explicit cement pressure testing machine and microcomputer controlled cement pressure testing machine is very eye-catching. But can the clothing effect with bamboo charcoal fiber really be so magical? We can see that most bamboo charcoal fiber products have many functions, such as ventilation, odor removal, infrared, shielding computer radiation and so on. However, few can accurately mark the origin and firing temperature of bamboo charcoal. Only a certain type of underwear shows that it uses the perennial Taiwan Meng Zongzhu, which is smothered and decomposed at 800 ℃ in the traditional earth kiln. It is said to contain substances such as adsorbed formaldehyde. Wearing it can block the invasion of indoor and outdoor toxic objects on the human body, and can also resist bacteria and release negative ions

however, according to experts from the Environmental Business Department of Beijing physical and chemical testing center, the adsorption of harmful substances in the air in activated carbon is divided into micropores, mesopores, macropores and other different pore diameters. Different harmful gas molecules have different sizes, so they can adapt to different pore diameters. It is not the bamboo charcoal with the same pore diameter that can adsorb all harmful gases, let alone all toxic substances, Moreover, the technology of radiation protection can be used as a targeted drug delivery system. To achieve the performance, it must be at a very high temperature, such as more than 1000 ℃, and the release of negative ions can not be verified now

in fact, it is understood that countries such as Japan do have relatively perfect bamboo charcoal standards. For example, it is stipulated that bamboo must be locally produced moso bamboo and hemp bamboo, and bamboo grown in bamboo forests managed with fertilizer cannot be included. Moreover, it must be more than 4 years old. The resistance value on the surface of bamboo charcoal is divided into 10 stages of 0.9 to indicate the degree of carbonization. Only the carbonization temperature above 900 ℃ is the best level, The carbonization temperature must refer to the temperature of the part that drops 10 ℃ from the top of the ceiling in the earth kiln or similar cases

however, in China, the bamboo charcoal standard has just been drafted, and there is no official document yet. It is difficult for relevant enterprises to verify how much bamboo charcoal fiber they produce under the name of bamboo charcoal, or what kind of bamboo charcoal they use. In this case, the price gap is huge, and it is not surprising that each of them will fight its own way, and the purpose is only one: to avoid the competition of traditional cotton, chemical fiber and other clothing, while taking advantage of the concept of health to seize new business opportunities

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