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Baling Petrochemical epoxy resin production and maintenance at 16 o'clock every day

from the middle of August, Baling Petrochemical epoxy resin Business Department officially implemented the "16 o'clock operation plan meeting", that is, at 16 o'clock every afternoon, the workshop will take the lead to organize and hold a safety production inspection and maintenance operation plan meeting, summarize and analyze the production and inspection and maintenance progress of the workshop that day, and make specific arrangements for the work of the next day, so as to improve safety management, Orderly organize the production, inspection and maintenance of each device to ensure safety

in the theme activity of "looking at Changlian, learning from Zhenhai, seizing opportunities and seizing development" carried out by Baling Petrochemical, the division carefully compared with the advanced to find gaps, learned from the advanced management methods and experience of Zhenhai Refining and chemical, formulated the scheme of "16 point operation plan meeting" of epoxy resin division according to the actual situation, and comprehensively promoted it in all workshops

according to the introduction, the participants of the "16 o'clock operation plan meeting" are workshop leaders, process, equipment, safety and environmental protection technicians, section chiefs, and the Tong protection, electrical, instrument team leaders or backbones of the operation assurance department of the inspection and maintenance unit; When there is a major overhaul operation of the device, the competent leaders of the business division, production room, safety and environment room, function room and relevant technicians shall participate in the work and coordinate the work at the first time. The Division also set up a special column for the "16 o'clock operation plan meeting" of the cotton sliver cylinder length measuring machine on the internal network. The meeting minutes of each workshop are uploaded by a specially assigned person before work, which is convenient for the leaders of the division, relevant professional departments and inspection and maintenance units to consult, coordinate the deployment of relevant workers and tighten them in time; Regularly check the transmission of the sprocket

in the past few days, the chloropropane workshop of the Division has been busy. All the maintenance personnel involved in the maintenance work as required to ensure that all maintenance tasks are completed on schedule and the device is safely and smoothly started. The unit was overhauled on August 6, mainly to rectify and eliminate the defects of depropanizer and cyclization tower, and to overhaul other problems during the operation of the unit. There are 19 items in the overhaul, and Chai Jie said widely

the workshop combs all maintenance items, compiles maintenance network diagram, formulates daily maintenance work plan, refines division of labor, and assigns personnel. At the shift handover meeting every day, every employee will get a maintenance work order of the day and be clear about his work task at a glance. The relevant person in charge of the GS division arrives at the factory at 6:30 every morning in advance to sign and issue hot work tickets, select and affirm 97 pilot demonstration projects, and strive for effective working hours; The "16 o'clock operation plan meeting" is held at the maintenance site every afternoon, and the relevant departments work together to solve the problems and difficulties existing in the maintenance on site and ensure that the maintenance is carried out according to the planned progress

the division will put maintenance safety in the first place. Before each project on site is delivered for maintenance, a special person will be assigned to check and confirm the cleaning, replacement and other conditions, so as to ensure that the maintenance conditions are met and avoid potential safety accidents. The two-level leaders of the GS division shall lead the shift on site, correct violations in time, and optimize the maintenance process. In the workshop, 3 people are assigned from each team to strengthen safety supervision, so that "everything is managed by everyone". During the high temperature period, they staggered the high temperature period to arrange operations, and sent cool and summer relief food to the maintenance personnel

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