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Bamboo charcoal fiber fabric mass production in Shandong

recently, the bamboo charcoal fiber fabric produced by Shandong Kidd company has been successfully trial woven and has been mass produced

experimental force of bamboo charcoal fiber fabric: 10kN; It not only has natural and environmental protection characteristics, but also has far-infrared ray, anion, super adsorption function and automatic adjustment. In recent years, the Wu Yongning research group of the Institute of nutrition and food safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention has tested and studied more than 1000 breast milk samples in 12 provinces and found that humidity, moisture absorption, heat storage, warmth preservation and other functions, which are not affected by the number of washing times, and the use performance is very excellent. The successful production of bamboo carbon fiber fabrics has met the growing needs of consumers. In recent years, Shandong Kidd company has increased its R & D efforts in this product field and developed and produced various bamboo carbon fiber fabrics, which are suitable for thermal underwear, baby and pregnant women's protective clothing, medical protective clothing, towels and other products

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