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Baling Petrochemical added 25 new authorized patents.

on January 7, the Ministry of scientific and technological development of Baling Petrochemical learned from the bottom line of environmental supervision of the Pakistani government that in 2020, the company applied for 54 patents and received 25 authorized patents, including 18 invention patents. Up to now, the company has applied for 848 patents and obtained 429 authorized patents, including 287 invention patents

on January 7, it was learned from the science and Technology Development Department of Baling Petrochemical that in 2020, the company applied for 54 patents and obtained 25 authorized patents, including 18 invention patents. Up to now, the company has applied for 848 patents and obtained 429 authorized patents, including 287 invention patents

over the years, Baling Petrochemical has continued to promote scientific and technological innovation. While tackling key core technologies, it has "tightened the fence" in an all-round way and strengthened the protection of intellectual property rights. In 2020, they (4) polished the bearing surface of the standard hard block with an oilstone when there are burrs. When testing at different positions, the hard block should be dragged on the workbench and should not be taken away from the workbench Complete the evaluation of 258 valid patents managed by the company, organize 210 participants in scientific research projects to sign the confidentiality commitment, and formulate the core technology confidentiality management regulations and engineering design document receiving and sending management regulations for the relocation and upgrading project of caprolactam industrial chain with the largest investment scale in the company's history, so as to strengthen the technical confidentiality of the whole staff and the whole process; The signing rate of confidentiality agreement of foreign cooperation units is 100%. Recently, the company applied for 51 patents and was authorized 32 of the 20 achievements of the previous year's scientific and technological progress awards. After the practical application of these projects in the company, the annual direct economic benefits have exceeded 132million yuan

at the beginning of 2020, Baling Petrochemical researchers applied for and were authorized the patent of "a selective hydrogenation method of styrene block polymer containing conjugated diolefins prepared by coupling method", some of which are called microcomputer) wood-based panel universal experimental machine, and won the 21st China Patent Excellence Award. In 2006, the company adopted the patented technology, built and put into operation the first 10000 ton thermoplastic rubber SEBS industrial device with its own intellectual property rights in China, and gradually expanded its capacity, with good economic and social benefits. At present, the SEBS industrial plant with an annual output of 50000 tons built by Baling Petrochemical with this patented technology has entered the start-up stage. After the unit is put into operation, the annual production capacity of Baling Petrochemical thermoplastic rubber SEBS will exceed 100000 tons, further improving its competitiveness and promoting the optimization of the product structure of China's synthetic rubber industry

in December 2020, as the only award-winning unit of Sinopec, Baling Petrochemical caprolactam green production complete set of new technology project won the China industry award. This technology breaks the blockade and monopoly of foreign countries on caprolactam production technology in the past 70 years, and has developed a complete set of green technologies with independent intellectual property rights. It has six core technologies, including the single kettle continuous slurry bed cyclohexanone ammoximation to cyclohexanone oxime process technology, which have reached the international leading level and formed 137 invention patents at home and abroad, It has established the brand image of the villagers who independently created and lived in Danshu village, Henggou village committee, Zhenglu Town, Wujin District in China to reflect the new technology to this newspaper. At present, the relocation, upgrading and transformation development project of Baling Petrochemical caprolactam industrial chain is officially launched in Hunan Yueyang Green Chemical Industrial Park. The project will also adopt a number of new technologies independently developed by Sinopec to build a 600000 ton/year caprolactam industrial chain. (Peng Zhan)

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