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Balancing the "separation" and "integration" of solid waste treatment big data to support the construction of "waste free cities"

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recently, it was learned from the Shaoxing "waste free city" construction pilot press conference that the national "waste free city" construction pilot promotion meeting hosted by the Ministry of ecological environment will be held in Shaoxing from September 12 to 13, 2020, when the "11+5" pilot cities will show and exchange the results since the pilot construction

at the same time, in order to further accelerate the pilot construction of "waste free cities", all localities have also carried out the next step. For example, recently, Xuchang city passed the resolution on promoting the pilot construction of "waste free city", and Jilin decided that Jilin Ecological Environment Bureau would arrange Jilin environmental protection research institute to prepare the implementation plan for the construction of "waste free city" in Jilin ()

in the face of the overall growth of solid waste production and the increasingly prominent problems of garbage siege, China has launched the pilot work of "waste free city" construction to promote the reduction, recycling and harmless disposal of solid waste. In April 2019, China selected "11+5" pilot cities and regions to explore "differentiated and targeted" ideas for the construction of "waste free cities"

up to now, it has been more than a year. Some insiders pointed out that the pilot work of "waste free city" construction is to reform the existing development mode and solid waste treatment mode. At present, the construction of technical system has initially formed a supporting force, and a total of 159 technical list tasks have been planned in each pilot city and region. In addition, in the pilot project of "waste free city", a total of 764 tasks and 429 engineering projects were involved, with a total investment of 124.4 billion

"waste free city" is a redefinition of the value of waste. The goal is to reduce waste in an all-round way and minimize or close to zero the final waste, including landfilling, incineration and direct discharge. As we all know, solid waste includes domestic waste, decoration waste, medical waste, garden waste, hazardous waste, construction waste, kitchen waste and other categories, which means that the construction of "waste free city" is a systematic project, involving more than 10 departments and fields such as environmental protection, development and reform, commerce, industry, agriculture and so on

in this case, how to prepare the overall plan of a waste free city when the oil return of the buffer is poor? In this regard, some experts proposed that we should do a good job in four aspects: first, we should know the source, type, flow direction and how to deal with the current situation of disposal of various solid wastes; Second, we should formulate the concept of "waste free city" into clear and quantifiable construction goals according to the index system; Third, we should be able to put forward specific and operable solutions for different types of solid waste; Fourth, it is more critical to comprehensively consider the whole process of solid waste generation, classification, collection and transportation, recycling, selection and allocation of microcomputer interface utilization and harmless disposal while "separate" treatment

with the increasingly wide application range of smart means such as Internet +, 5g and the strong promotion of new infrastructure, the construction of "waste free city" also cannot open this smart means. For example, Tianjin eco city, as a pilot city, gives full play to the advantages of smart city construction and promotes the fine management of municipal solid waste through "interconnection +"

it is understood that the electro-hydraulic servo message universal experimental machine is widely used in the dynamic and static mechanical property experiments of materials and parts. The Tianjin eco city waste free city information management platform has been built and will be put into use by the end of 2020 after debugging. This platform enables solid waste to be monitored, early-warning, traceable, sharable and assessable from the source of production to the transfer process and then to the end of disposal, forming a "one map" of solid waste in the eco city

in addition, Shenzhen City, Chongqing City, Xuchang City, Henan Province, Tongling City, Anhui Province, Guangze County, Fujian Province and other cities in Guangdong Province have made use of big data to promote the construction of "waste free cities" according to local conditions

some institutions predict that the construction of "waste free city" is linked to the huge market space of 7 trillion yuan. To sum up, the development of this market is also inseparable from the support of intelligent means

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