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The technical center is applying for the establishment of a national aluminum based materials and products quality supervision center. On September 19, a research center jointly built by Qinghai Salt Lake Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Yuntianhua group was established in Kunming, Chuncheng. The full name of the center is the Engineering Research Center for salt mineral resources exploration and comprehensive development and utilization. Based on the concept of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, commercialization of operation mechanism and marketization of development direction, the two countries are separated by 2002 Measuring range and accuracy of experimental force: better than 1%2% ⑴ more than 00%0 kilometers, entities in different fields come together

on September 26, a week later, Zoomlion CBM National Engineering Research Center was inaugurated in Beijing. This research center, proposed by Premier Wen Jiabao and jointly funded by Zoomlion CBM company, PetroChina, Sinopec, China University of Geosciences and other shareholders, will be mainly used for the research and development of core technologies of coalbed methane and the transfer of foreign scientific and technological achievements

on the same day, the national development and Reform Commission and other five departments issued an announcement announcing the list of the 14th batch of 74 national recognized enterprise technology centers. The technology centers of Shanxi sanwei, Hubei Xingfa, Yibin Tianyuan, Guizhou kaiphosphorus and other chemical enterprises were recognized by the state. So far, among the 499 enterprise technology centers that have been recognized by the state, the number of technology centers of chemical enterprises has reached 71

it is found that these 71 companies are just a microcosm. So far, almost all chemical enterprises with a small scale are building or will build various technical centers. Like national enterprise centers, chemical enterprises also account for a considerable proportion of the provincial enterprise technology centers recognized by all provinces

Chinese dyes are bought by foreign enterprises for deep processing and then sold back to China at several times higher prices. It is difficult for domestic pesticides to enter developed countries due to their low technical content. A considerable number of domestic chemical products have excess capacity, but high-end products are still imported in large quantities. Domestic industry leaders are constantly eaten by foreign enterprises in the name of high technology... After the door is opened, similar events continue to stimulate the nerves of domestic chemical enterprises. The pursuit of technological innovation has become the most urgent need of domestic chemical enterprises. As a result, the technology center, as an important carrier, began to heat up in chemical enterprises

since the 1990s, many chemical enterprises have built technology centers to carry out relevant technology development and product research and development. The technology centers were established earlier by large enterprises in the industry, such as Shandong Lubei group, Shanghai Petrochemical, lucky group, Shuangxing group, etc. According to the data of the former State Economic and Trade Commission, as early as 2000, the state recognized more than 200 enterprise technology centers, among which 34 were chemical enterprises with excessive odor of plastic parts. In recent years, with the continuous development of enterprises and the increasingly urgent requirements for scientific and technological innovation, many chemical enterprises have shown a trend of outward development rather than behind closed doors

at present, Yuntianhua already has nitrogen fertilizer and phosphorus fertilizer. After the establishment of the Salt Mine Research Center, it will be able to use the advanced technology of Qinghai Salt Lake Institute to develop potash resources in Southeast Asia and Laos and develop potash fertilizer, so as to optimize the product structure of the company. At the same time, the establishment of the center will have a positive impact on enterprises' technological innovation. When talking about the purpose of establishing a research center for developing 3D printing materials for jet fusion 3D printers, liweiyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Yuntianhua group, said

like Yuntianhua, it is a common way for chemical enterprises to build research centers with scientific research institutes. In 2007 alone, there were several research centers for synthetic resin engineering technology jointly established by Jiangsu Sanmu group and Nanjing University of technology, the Research Center for biopesticide engineering technology jointly established by Henan Jiyuan Baiyun company and Henan Institute of zoology, and the Research Center for heavy oil processing engineering jointly established by CNOOC and China University of petroleum

the cooperative construction of research centers by multiple enterprises has become a more novel way, such as the Zoomlion coalbed methane National Engineering Research Center. The research center is jointly funded by five enterprises and one university

the head of the center used the word "joint innovation" to summarize the purpose of joint construction of research centers by multiple enterprises. It is reported that the center will research and develop key technologies urgently needed for the technological progress of the coalbed methane industry, and undertake the technological development of shareholders and other relevant coalbed methane projects

compared with cooperation, merger and reorganization is more convenient and efficient. In April this year, Sinochem Group merged Shenyang Research Institute of chemical industry. According to relevant personnel of Sinochem Group, the advantages of Shenyang Research Institute of chemical industry in R & D and industrialization will be complemented with the advantages of other operating enterprises of the group in sales, and the 9 units operating pesticide and pigment business within the group will be connected with 7 units of Shenyang Research Institute of chemical industry

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