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The eye of technology in the next 20 years: the era of "platform competition" and the secret battle of technology giants

a week before Christmas, Rowling, 32, traveled all over New York without buying the Amazon smart speaker echo dot. I'm afraid even Amazon CEO Bezos didn't expect that echo dot, which currently costs only $40, has become the hottest technology product in 2016

as a product released in 2014, echo didn't really break out until 2016. This is due to a series of key breakthroughs in this field in 2016: in March 2016, alphago, as Google's artificial intelligence system, defeated world go champion lishishi; On August 18, Uber launched the driverless car passenger service, which was put into trial operation in Pittsburgh, the United States; At present, 20 enterprises, including Baidu, have obtained test drive licenses for California driverless vehicles

"2016 is a very important year for the entire technology industry, because people have realized the role of artificial intelligence. From Amazon Alexa to cancer diagnosis through image recognition, artificial intelligence has gone out of the laboratory and further generated great value in the real society, and this is just the beginning of a new inflection point." Jo ITO, head of the media lab, a well-known technology laboratory at MIT, told the 21st Century Business Herald in New York

from echo to alphago to the hot driverless car, the fundamental level is almost the same, that is, the application of artificial intelligence technology, which is a series of striking breakthroughs in deep learning and machine learning in artificial intelligence research and development over the years

artificial intelligence inflection point

the largest companies in the US technology industry, especially Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Amazon, have invested a lot of energy to promote slightly Abstract technologies this year: they are committed to developing the so-called "general artificial intelligence" and adding these intelligent elements to their own products

according to the analysis, this artificial intelligence is directly related to the proposal of new fields ten years ago. In 2006, Geoff Hinton put forward the concept of deep learning based on unsupervised learning, which has greatly improved the computing power after being transplanted to the GPU cluster, and thus is considered to be one of the important prerequisites of this round of AI tide. The other two prerequisites generally considered by the industry are the development of large amount of data collection management and analysis capabilities, as well as the optimization of algorithms

Yu Kai, founder and CEO of horizon robot and former executive director of Baidu Research Institute, believes that the decade of has been a period of popularization and promotion of in-depth learning, and it has made breakthroughs in many applications. But all the achievements are perceptual, such as image recognition, speech recognition, etc

"since the beginning of this year, the biggest change is that artificial intelligence systems such as alphago and autopilot have begun to transition from perception to decision-making. Only by making decisions can artificial intelligence really change the world." Yu Kai said

according to the 21st century economic report, AI represented by deep learning will appear in all fields of life. "From shopping to taxi trips, to image recognition, in-depth learning and new algorithms will subvert every industry."

there is no doubt that the technology that triggered intense discussion in the industry in 2016 was driverless cars. After continuous research and development over the past decade, nearly 20 companies around the world, including Google, Volvo, Ford, BMW, Baidu and Intel, have also given basic requirements and restrictions on raw materials. All enterprises have declared that 2021, five years later, will be the first year of driverless cars

from now on, this process may continue to accelerate. On August 25th, 2016, nutonomy launched the first driverless taxi free passenger service in Singapore, which has been tested for two years. On september14,2016, Uber launched the driverless taxi passenger service in Pittsburgh, the United States, and put it into trial operation. The test was conducted in the whole urban area with slopes, tunnels and narrow roads

"we are very concerned about the development of unmanned driving, because it integrates the latest advanced technologies, including robotics, AR technology for detecting reality, cloud data analysis and storage, big data and artificial intelligence. The progress in unmanned driving will become an accelerator for the application of artificial intelligence technology." Gunleik Groven, CEO of Quine, a Norwegian technology company that undertakes the research and development of horizon 2020 metadata, a European Union Research Fund project, told the 21st Century Business Herald

"platform competition" era

for the general public, artificial intelligence is still very abstract. But for technology companies, the rise of artificial intelligence is becoming a major trend in the technology industry, comparable to the shift from desktop computing to mobile computing. In the jargon of science and technology, these enterprises are participating in a "platform war". In the science and technology industry, as a platform, the profit generally stipulates that the standard block will be effective within one year from the date of bid

in the past years, the five technology companies with the highest market capitalization, except Amazon, including apple, alphabet and Facebook in the San Francisco Bay area, and Microsoft in Seattle, have all focused on artificial intelligence

since 2010, Apple has quietly acquired 15 artificial intelligence companies and integrated its artificial intelligence technology into various hard alloy cold-rolled sheet and strip products with a width of 2650mm for the aerospace and automotive fields, focusing on machine intelligence and balancing the privacy of individual users. Specifically, Apple has announced to jointly develop an artificial intelligence health data platform with IBM in the fields of Siri and driverless cars

google has a wide layout in the field of artificial intelligence. It has open source tensorflow, a second-generation machine learning system, in cloud services, and invested in artificial intelligence accelerator chip TPU in artificial intelligence hardware. Its future applications will range from driverless cars, smart homes to virtual reality products

facebook's artificial intelligence research deeply relies on the development of social networks. It obtains data and training data from Facebook products. In turn, artificial intelligence products also serve users of social networks

Microsoft believes that in the future, the era of conversations as a platform (CAAP) will be opened, and artificial intelligence technology will be applied to intelligent assistant, VR and other fields

since this year, Intel and other enterprises have also announced that they will focus on the development of AI related projects

"the winner of this competition will dominate the next stage of the information age." Pedrodomingos, an expert in the field of machine learning, said. Dominguez published the master algorithm in 2015, in which he asserted that artificial intelligence and big data technology will reshape the world

according to the statistics of CB insights as of 2016q3, there were 475 investment events in the AI field in 2016, with an investment amount of more than US $2.6 billion, all of which are historical highs in this field. In 2011, there were only 70 global AI start-ups

China has obvious data advantages

as early as 2015, Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of Wired magazine, said that artificial intelligence will be the most important trend in the next two decades. "The most popular AI product in 20 years has not been invented yet. That is to say, it is not too late."

China has made some moves in artificial intelligence. In 2014, China surpassed the United States in the number of cited journal papers that mentioned deep learning and deep neural networks. China has the world's leading voice and visual recognition technology, and its artificial intelligence research ability is also impressive. The deep speech 2 released by Baidu in november2015 has reached 97% accuracy, and was rated as one of the top ten breakthrough technologies in 2016 by Massachusetts technology review. In addition, as early as 2014, the deepid system developed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong achieved a face recognition accuracy of 99.15% in the LFW database

at the policy level, The national development and Reform Commission of China and other relevant government agencies issued the "Internet +" on may18,2016 The three-year action implementation plan for artificial intelligence points out six major guarantee measures for the development of artificial intelligence, including financial support, standard system, intellectual property protection, talent training, international cooperation and organizational implementation

but in fact, what makes foreign peers marvel is the research of Chinese enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence. From a domestic perspective, apart from vertical enterprises such as iFLYTEK, the giants that have really made progress in artificial intelligence are still Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent

bat has different ideas in the field of artificial intelligence. Baidu regards artificial intelligence as the top priority of the company. It has entered the practical stage in the o2o field and is also fully blossoming in the layout of the future world such as unmanned cars and smart cities; Alibaba's artificial intelligence is placed in Alibaba DT's big business system, and fully enables Alibaba's e-commerce logistics and IOT system in cooperation with cloud computing and big data; Tencent recently created its AI research department

for these Chinese companies, the advantage of developing artificial intelligence lies not only in detailed basic research, but also in their mastery of data itself. 220 solid web steel door

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