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Polyethylene PE market dynamics ()

low density polyethylene (LDPE) yuan (weekend ton price, the same below) -100/-100 market trend was flat, and the market was stable and fell slightly. At the weekend, the mainstream quotation of general membrane materials was yuan, with a drop of yuan. Among them, Shanghai Petrochemical q281 was 9950 yuan, down 50 yuan, q210 was 9900 yuan, N220 was 9950 yuan, down 50 yuan. Yanshan Petrochemical ld100ac was 9900 yuan, ld605 was 9900 yuan, down 100 yuan. Daqing Petrochemical 2426h was 9700 yuan, down 100 yuan. Yangba 2426h is 10000 yuan. Lanhua petrochemical 2426h was 9700 yuan, down 100 yuan. Qilu Petrochemical tn26 was 10400 yuan, down 100 yuan. Malaysia f200gg is 9900 yuan

the current market has not changed much compared with that before the festival. Although the two major production groups are listed for sale, they are still able to offer steadily, and there are still few resources in the market circulation, which strongly supports the current market price. However, due to the inactive procurement of downstream factories, the terminal demand continues to be weak, the market transaction is difficult to improve, and the upward resistance of the market is still large. It is expected that if there are no major factors, the recent low-density polyethylene market may continue to consolidate. BRBR

nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; External market: the Asian market rose. The latest mainstream quotation is in USD/ton (CFR China), up $20/ton, and USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia), up $25/ton. On Thursday (May 7), the price of ethylene monomer fell by 23.5 dollars per ton (CFR Northeast Asia) and by 23.5 dollars per ton (CFR Southeast Asia)

linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) yuan -50/0 was relatively weak, and the price fluctuated lower. At the weekend, the mainstream quotation was in yuan, and the price decreased by yuan. Among them, Lanzhou Petrochemical 7042 was 9700 yuan, down 100 yuan. Jilin Petrochemical 7042 was 9650 yuan, down 50 yuan. Yangzi Petrochemical 7042 was 9700 yuan, down 100 yuan, and ylf1802 was 9700 yuan, down 100 yuan. Zhongyuan ethylene 7050 was 9700 yuan, down 100 yuan. Shanghai Secco 0220kj was 9800 yuan, down 100 yuan. The main work and achievements of 0209aa in 2017 were 9800 yuan. Saudi 218w is 10100 yuan. Taiwan plastic 3224 is 9800 yuan. After the festival, the overall atmosphere of the market was weak, and the popularity was still insufficient. On the one hand, due to the current low season of traditional demand, the operating rate of downstream factories is low, and the procurement is mainly sporadic and small; Second, traders were bearish on the future market, generally operated in low positions, and the operation followed the market. However, fortunately, the stable price policy of petrochemical production enterprises has supported the market, and the market has limited room for decline. It is expected that the short-term market of linear low-density polyethylene may also maintain a weak situation

external market: the Asian market rose partially. The latest mainstream quotation of the electronic universal testing machine in the United States mainly applies the servo speed control system yuan/ton (CFR China), holding steady, and USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia), up $10/ton

the large market of high density polyethylene (HDPE) is stable and the small market is adjusted. Narrow amplitude vibration of wire drawing material; Note: Plastic fluctuates slightly; The film/hollow material is partially adjusted with a relatively large range. As many manufacturers are in or about to enter the plant maintenance period, the resources will become more tense in the later stage. Affected by this, the market mentality is OK, and some traders are optimistic about the future market. However, from a practical point of view, the situation of weak demand is difficult to improve in the short term. The enthusiasm of downstream enterprises to enter the market will not be significantly improved before the trend is clear, and it is difficult to make large-scale market transactions. It is expected that in the short term, the market of high-density polyethylene will be dominated by shock, and some tight varieties may have some room for rise

the mainstream quotation of wire drawing materials at the weekend was yuan, with a drop of yuan. Among them, Daqing Petrochemical 5000S was 11600 yuan, down 100 yuan. Lanzhou Petrochemical 5000S is 11600 yuan. Yangzi Petrochemical 5000S was 11650 yuan, down 50 yuan

note: the mainstream quotation of plastics at the weekend was in yuan, with both ups and downs. Among them, Daqing Petrochemical 2200j was 10400 yuan, up 300 yuan. Yangzi Petrochemical 5306j is 10200 yuan. Lanzhou Petrochemical 60550ag was 10400 yuan, up 100 yuan. Fushun Petrochemical 2911 was 10700 yuan, down 100 yuan. India m5018l is 11500 yuan

the mainstream quotation of film materials at the weekend is RMB. Among them, Shanghai Petrochemical mh602 was 11200 yuan, up 400 yuan. Shanghai Secco 5301aa is 10700 yuan. Qilu Petrochemical 6098 is 12100 yuan. Jilin Petrochemical jhm9455f is 11000 yuan. Korea petrochemical F600 was 12500 yuan, up 500 yuan. Taiwan Plastic 9001 is 11700 yuan

the mainstream quotation of hollow materials at the weekend is RMB. Among them, Yangzi Petrochemical 5301b was 11400 yuan, down 600 yuan. Jinfei petrochemical 5502 was 11100 yuan, down 300 yuan. Maoming Petrochemical 5502 is 11000 yuan. South Korea lg0400 was 11500 yuan, up 100 yuan

external market: the Asian market was mixed. The latest mainstream quotation: drawing material in USD/ton (CFR China), USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia); Injection molding the company has achieved an unprecedented production capacity of automotive composite materials in an innovative way. It is expected to fall by $10/ton in CFR China and $10/ton in CFR Southeast Asia; Blowing plastics fell by $10/ton in USD/ton (CFR China/Southeast Asia); Membrane materials increased by 20 dollars/ton in USD/ton (CFR China/Southeast Asia)

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