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Technology enables manufacturing upgrading, and Eaton Cooper Edison is in the process of innovation. Recently, Yinhong, governor of Henan Province, visited Eaton Cooper Edison (Pingdingshan) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Cooper Edison) during his investigation on the industrial economic operation of Pingdingshan City, to learn more about its production and operation, R & D innovation, market development, etc., and encouraged enterprises to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, Promote intelligent and information-based manufacturing, continuously enhance core competitiveness, and firmly grasp the initiative in the fierce market competition

the enterprises of Cooper Edison factory take the atomized fine powder rate (especially D50 7 micron fine powder output rate), fine powder yield and production capacity as the main technical indicators. The production room (picture from Henan LianBo)

intelligent manufacturing as one of the important connotations of the new infrastructure, and the new generation of information technology such as industrial interconnection, industrial intelligence and industrial big data as the core, which is the inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, It is also an important part of the development of digital economy in China. Through transformation and upgrading, Cooper Edison not only realizes intelligent manufacturing, but also further optimizes the production and operation processes, becoming Eaton's first smart factory in China

smart factory realizes agile management

Cooper Edison was founded in and is located in Pingdingshan high tech Zone. It is mainly engaged in the power distribution field of power system. Over the years, it has built a product system focusing on the production of electronic control devices, distribution line automatic switches, ring cabinets, cable branch boxes and other distribution equipment, and is committed to providing high-quality and efficient products and services for the development of China's power industry

Cooper Edison has made good achievements in building a smart factory through his efforts in recent years. The essence of high-end production is derived from the lean management of production details. Cooper Edison has continuously strengthened its innovation ability, successively upgraded and developed advanced ring cabinet production lines, column switch assembly lines, etc., and continuously innovated and optimized production processes through automated production equipment and information platform to achieve a significant increase in production capacity and production efficiency

at the same time, the smart factory reduces unplanned downtime through data collection and analysis of key equipment and facilities through digital technology; Through the real-time collection and analysis of key production process parameters, the reliability of production process and the effectiveness of equipment maintenance are improved. The application of digitalization and automation technology makes Cooper Edison plant operation more able to avoid affecting the accuracy of experimental results, visualization, more agile management, higher production efficiency and more effective and reliable asset operation

Cooper Edison factory automation production line

lean production quality is the primary goal

strictly implementing the quality management system is the factory's long-standing corporate culture. For power distribution products, safety is the first important thing, and quality is very critical. Therefore, quality must be the primary goal. Quality elements include manufacturing quality, R & D quality and raw material quality. Manual operation in the manufacturing process is the key factor causing quality problems. Through this highly automated thank-you letter, the factory expressed its gratitude to the two comrades of the Institute for the lean production of the production equipment. At the same time, it urged the engineering technology to be more advanced, established and improved the organizational system, continuously improved the technological innovation system platform, and conducted comprehensive and strict inspection and experiment on the product quality, so as to lay a solid foundation for ensuring the product quality and improving the product quality

insight into industry needs to create customized services

in the face of the rapid development of the industry and changes in customer needs, Cooper Edison has been seeking breakthroughs in the process of change, always focusing on the core needs of customers. It will be conceptualized and then concretely applied. Through continuous dialogue with customers, it will provide customized services throughout the project cycle for each customer, and bring time cost savings and decision-making chain simplification to customers in the product design and on-site implementation stages

with excellent product quality and high-quality service, Cooper Edison has won many honors, such as Henan high-tech enterprise, Henan enterprise technology center, worker pioneer, etc., and has won the trust and support of more than 1000 power supply units in provinces and cities such as state grid, China Southern Power, PetroChina, etc. the products have been listed as recommended equipment for urban and rural use and transformation by State Grid. In the future, Cooper Edison will continue to actively promote China's power distribution industry with innovative technology research and development, deep industry insight and efficient integration execution

Henan has always played a decisive role in China's economic reform and development. Cooper Edison has been forging ahead for decades. He hopes to keep close communication with local enterprises by virtue of the spirit of daring to make changes and his accumulated intelligent manufacturing technology, comprehensively help the transformation and upgrading of local and even Henan Manufacturing Industry, drive the high-quality development of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and win-win the new future of digital economy

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