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Technology driven, interpret Terex's breakthrough in China

technology driven, interpret Terex's breakthrough in China

information about China's construction machinery in addition to its excellent thermal insulation performance

-- an interview with Mr. mark Duval, President of Terex (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in China

2016, with the start of the 13th five year plan, the development of China's machinery manufacturing industry is facing important strategic opportunities with great achievements, The "positive" brought about by infrastructure investment and policies such as "made in China 2025" and "the the Belt and Road" have been continuously strengthened, and the bottoming out journey of China's construction machinery industry has rebounded. At the same time, it is also faced with the severe challenges of many contradictions and increasing risks, which can be divided into cylinder top mounted and cylinder bottom mounted experimental machines. Under the new normal of the industry, where will the enterprise go? Terex, a global well-known machinery and equipment manufacturing giant, has given a satisfactory answer with its "China trip" of sustained and steady development - sticking to quality and seeking transformation and breakthrough

on November 22, as a diversified multinational manufacturing enterprise specializing in lifting and handling solutions, Terex group appeared at BMW Shanghai 2016 with its multiple series of products. China Construction Machinery Information () special dialogue with Mr. mark Duval, President of Terex (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in China, in-depth interpretation of the implementation practice of Terex's three strategic transformations in China, namely, "focus on key points", "streamline troops and simplify administration" and "successful implementation"

Mr. mark Duval, President of Terex (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in China, focuses on the key points and presents his amazing works. Since the establishment of the first joint venture with North Industries Group in 1988, Terex has been committed to supporting the construction of China's energy, transportation and urban infrastructure. Recently, Terex announced that it would divest its industrial crane and port equipment businesses, and sell its German small construction machinery to Yangma. The company will focus on operating three business departments: aerial work platform, crane and material handling. In this context, Terex highlighted the latest innovation achievements of its major product lines

it is noteworthy that Terex crane announced on Bauma that it would relaunch its legendary Demag crane brand. Germany Demag Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd., with a long history of nearly 200 years, is one of the most advanced enterprises in the field of material transportation in the world. It is also a holding subsidiary of Terex group. The AC all terrain crane products on display this time are the first equipment sold by Demag to Asia, and have become one of the star products of the exhibition. Mr. mark Duval introduced that AC all terrain crane integrates excellent design, the latest crane technology and engineering design, as well as the functions of improving productivity and reducing operating costs. It is a 220 ton lifting capacity class, only 14.5 meters long and 3 meters wide, compact structure, coupled with its asymmetric outrigger system, AC has the ability to adapt to more project space requirements, providing customers with more opportunities to win projects

"blue Legion" trexgini high-altitude operation family is a leading high-altitude operation platform expert in the industry. Its products are widely used in shipyards, airports, hotels, construction fields and various petroleum, chemical, power and other construction sites to ensure the safety and efficiency of high-altitude operation. The equipment in this exhibition includes: genie sxtm-135xc super large load straight arm aerial work platform, the first product of Guinness "XC" series, which has the industry-leading horizontal extension capacity and full working range bearing capacity; Genie sxtm-150 self-propelled straight arm aerial work platform, which can rise to the maximum platform height of 46m in three minutes, is widely used in construction, maintenance, telecommunications, oil and gas refineries, chemical maintenance and large facilities; Genie ztm-60/37dc new electric crank arm type aerial work platform not only combines the advantages of environmental protection and silence with the four-wheel drive performance of traditional diesel powered equipment to achieve low emissions, but also can be quickly charged. A single charge of less than 14 hours under 120 V, 240 V and 110 V power supply can ensure all day work. It is very suitable for indoor and outdoor work applications such as industrial plants, shopping malls, convention and exhibition centers and construction sites. In addition, there is the entry-level reach by Genie series, which currently includes x-14 and X-12 shear type aerial work platforms. Genie gstm-5390rt, genie GSTM -1932, genie GSTM -4047 and other series of products have all appeared and exploded in the audience

what Mr. mark Duval likes to talk about is the shining debut of the powerscreen mobile crushing and screening vehicle. It is understood that powerscreen, headquartered in Northern Ireland, was acquired by Terex in 1999, and has since become the mobile crushing and screening brand under Terex. At this year's exhibition, Terex held a press conference to announce that its powerscreen equipment and services will officially enter China Mobile's crushing and screening market. "We believe that the market for mobile crushing and screening equipment in China is broad, and the demand for powerscreen equipment from small recycling stations, medium-sized enterprises and mines will also expand.". As part of its strategy to enter the Chinese market, powerscreen has set up a special application department to provide guidance to Chinese customers. "Terex will continue to be based in the Chinese market, support China's infrastructure projects under the 13th five year plan, and actively cooperate with Chinese enterprises' overseas' the Belt and Road 'strategy."

internal and external training to improve core competitiveness

2016 is a year for China's construction machinery industry to continue to deepen adjustment. After the downturn, enterprises have a more rational understanding of the market. Mr. mark Duval pointed out that nowadays, customers are more thinking about how to seek greater benefits. Their requirements for products are not only "enough", but also whether they can find products that are suitable for themselves and maximize benefits has become the key. Among them, intelligence and environmental protection are undoubtedly the most distinctive features of transformation and upgrading

"as the pioneer of engineering machinery in all major fields in the world, Terex takes energy conservation and environmental protection as its own responsibility, from the engine upgrading to the whole machine design of excellence, from reducing carbon emissions to reducing the weight of the whole vehicle, improving work efficiency, and continuous innovation, so as to make positive contributions to the cause of global environmental protection." Mr. mark Duval said that as far as the AC all terrain crane is concerned, it has a compact structure and the lowest vehicle weight in the industry, but can achieve the highest efficiency, and can meet the requirements of global road driving regulations. "As a member of the 5-axis family, AC has the same auxiliary boom, winch and other accessories as other models, which can reduce costs for customers and achieve flexible asset management. This is also another way to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection."

on the aerial work platform, the product equipment equipped with oil electric hybrid engine is suitable for indoor and outdoor working environments with different requirements, such as industrial plants, shopping malls, exhibition centers and construction sites

in the field of mobile crushing and screening, in addition to the power hybrid engine, its water spray also helps to reduce dust pollution during operation and realize environmental purification. "As far as China's crushing and screening industry is concerned, the theme of low-carbon economy and green world has gradually become the trend of the times, and most crushers have the problems of large energy consumption, high discharge capacity, and large amount of dust, which pollute the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the research, development and production of new energy-saving and green crushers." Mr. mark Duval pointed out that China is in the peak period of infrastructure construction, and the cognition and application of crushing and screening equipment are still in their infancy, which indicates that there is a huge growth space in China's crushing and screening equipment market

in addition to using intelligent and environmentally friendly technology genes to help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency, Terex needs to replace oil pipes with higher strength to create greater value. Within the enterprise, Terex also streamlines the company's management to ensure that while providing users with excellent products and services, it improves the company's global productivity, reduces repeated waste, reduces costs, and simplifies the operation structure to match the focused and efficient organization

In August this year, Terex Changzhou phase II plant was opened, which played an important role in Terex's global strategy and laid a solid foundation for Guinness to continue to cultivate the Chinese market. Mr. mark Duval said that since its opening in march2011, Changzhou factory has been gradually expanding in terms of building area, production capacity and product line. It not only contributes more localized production power to the vigorous development of products in the Chinese market, but also can support the production in North America and Europe as part of the global manufacturing system

as one of the four manufacturing bases of Terex in China, Changzhou factory has realized the localized production of Guinness products. "With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry and the shorter delivery time required by Chinese users, localized production is conducive to improving the efficiency of supply and service and creating greater value for users. With the expansion of market demand for high-tech operating platforms, we will continue to increase our investment in the Chinese market."

in the view of Mr. mark Duval, during the transformation and upgrading period of China's construction machinery industry, it is necessary to further enhance the value industry chain cooperation. Terex brings international advanced products, technologies, quality control systems, talent management and other experiences to China, which not only makes great contributions to local economic development, but also greatly improves the level of local R & D, manufacturing and supply chain management. "With the development and expansion of Changzhou factory, in addition to continuously enriching the reserve of high-tech talents, we also focus on cultivating upstream and downstream supply chain supporting facilities that can meet high standards and strict requirements in the surrounding areas, which also plays a role in boosting the maturity of the local supporting system."

reduce cost and increase efficiency, and help the industry move forward with great strides

with the increasingly extensive application of aerial work platforms in China, the aerial work platform leasing market is becoming more and more mature. Mr. mark Duval said that as China strengthens the implementation of regional development strategy and vigorously promotes the "the Belt and Road" policy, large-scale transportation infrastructure construction has been driven. This has not only brought new business opportunities to the construction machinery industry at home and abroad, but also laid a foundation for the development of the construction machinery leasing industry. As an important distribution channel, more than 70% of trexgini's sales are concentrated in large leasing companies. "Today, the market is growing rapidly. We are helping small and medium-sized equipment leasing companies enter the market and seize new opportunities."

"focusing on sales during the development period and stabilizing the regular maintenance service" has become an important development strategy for most construction machinery enterprises at present. In the face of the industry transformation period, on the basis of adhering to technology, Terex focuses on service, improves the user experience in the Chinese market, and continuously strengthens the inherent competitiveness of the brand. "Today's device users are smarter." Mr. mark Duval stressed that with the evolution of the market, the era of efficiency driven has come. Users pay more attention to the full life cycle cost of equipment and how to better reduce costs and increase efficiency. As the promoter of each sub machinery field, Terex adheres to the localization demand, extends the product life cycle, improves the equipment preservation rate, strengthens the after-sales guarantee, and is committed to enabling customers to have the lowest purchase and use costs within the product life cycle, vigorously improve the operation efficiency, and inject positive energy into the stable and healthy development of China's construction machinery industry

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