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Science and technology help the upsurge of returning to work. See how AI network can achieve more efficient remote work

under the global pandemic situation of COVID-19, the largest upsurge of remote office in history has been pushed to the forefront of history. Due to the impact of the epidemic, daily work and life have been forced to shift to online, so remote office and learning and other related scenarios have become an inevitable trend. In order to ensure the stability and data security of enterprise network in remote office environment, the role of automated intelligent network is becoming increasingly prominent. With the improvement of the domestic epidemic situation, how to effectively use new scientific and technological means to ensure the orderly progress of epidemic prevention work such as temperature detection, screening and information feedback has also become a key issue of concern

remote operation and maintenance will become the norm

with the delay of the epidemic trend, many countries have put economic recovery on the agenda. In China, the post epidemic era of increasingly normalized prevention and control has come. In the foreseeable short-term future, the rapid development of automation, robotics and home office during the epidemic will continue to be an important driving force for economic recovery. Under this macro social condition, the remote management and operation and maintenance of enterprise networks will also become the normal state in the foreseeable future. AI for it is bound to be more widely used, which brings about the realization of software and multi cloud operations across end-to-end and network levels. The automation network realized through AI and machine learning can not only ensure the operability of the remote operation and maintenance environment, but also effectively reduce it costs, improve operation efficiency and optimize user experience

with AI driven network, enterprises can have a highly automated network operation process, which is conducive to remote it operation and maintenance. When a network problem is found, the AI assistant can automatically obtain the location of the problem and proactively notify customers and partners, and visually present VLAN leakage, cable failure, port self negotiation, Poe power supply and other switch failures, greatly reducing the time and complexity of it operation and maintenance, so as to more efficiently solve network problems and reduce labor costs. In addition, with the power of machine learning, AI driven network can provide problem insights and solutions without manual operation. 1. Hydraulic series: the solution of manual hydraulic universal material testing machine has brought a new level of automation and network insight to the wired world. Therefore, it provides intelligent support in troubleshooting and insight

regular replacement of oil suction filter and filter element for enterprise network security can not be ignored

when telecommuting has gradually become the mainstream choice, the enterprise security team needs to be prepared to deal with more network security problems. Network security attacks and threat software have not been reduced due to the suspension of the enterprise. On the contrary, with the increase of remote network access from all over the world, enterprise network security has been more and more potential threats. In fact, according to our observation, the number of attacks on enterprise networks is more inclined than ever to quality

the above problems require us to not only establish a perfect security ecosystem, but also expand new functions to deal with complex malware harassment. With the new normal of telecommuting, we can extend the AI driven network to every employee's home, and realize the detection and prevention of network security problems through the combination of security software and hardware. The focus of protecting network security needs to shift from the edge of the network to the whole network, so that each network device can become a wall to protect network security. This means that the function of firewall must be expanded as a part of the comprehensive security detection and execution system, so as to mine data from the whole network for Threat Intelligence and network monitoring

using AI driven networks and cooperating with the comprehensive management of health monitoring

in addition to the morphological changes of the networks themselves, facing the post epidemic era of increasingly normalized prevention and control, network technology innovation also provides more possibilities for daily prevention and control. The tide of returning to work has arrived, and the risks caused by personnel flow and gathering still exist. Especially in densely populated areas such as office buildings, schools, airports and hospitals, a single body temperature monitoring function is difficult to meet the needs of health control and personnel management. These public places should carry out safe and efficient health monitoring and case traceability to prevent the secondary spread of the epidemic. However, there are some challenges in health monitoring, case traceability and personnel management and control in densely populated areas. Therefore, we can use AI driven networks in conjunction with IOT technology to create AI epidemic prevention assistants to provide great support for the comprehensive management of health monitoring. AI driven network has powerful data processing capability, which can transmit all personnel information data to the cloud platform for intelligent analysis. Once the force value at the time of stripping is detected as a case of current heating of stripping force, it can notify the background in real time for follow-up displacement lines and traceability. The proportion, quantity and variety of automotive aluminum materials in this year's exhibits have significantly increased compared with the past for management personnel to effectively master. In the post epidemic era, the key to controlling the spread of the epidemic is to strictly prevent and control imported cases. Therefore, many regions have set up centralized isolation areas accordingly. With the help of AI driven network, the health of personnel in the isolation area can be effectively managed through high-precision indoor positioning technology and setting IOT electronic fence function based on positioning information. If the isolated personnel cross the isolation area, the relevant IOT equipment will trigger the warning function, and the gate of the isolation area will be closed in time through equipment sensing

although the outbreak of the epidemic has brought great challenges to many aspects of the global market, if the response is quick, this is not a historical opportunity for disruptive technological innovation

as a leading artificial intelligence network platform, zhanboluo mist AI driven network solution can provide automatic, safe and efficient intelligent network and provide daily network support during the resumption of production. Mist cloud management service can maximize the user experience and create simple network operation through active notification, automation, AI driven insight and simplified service process. The mist strategic contact tracking solution recently launched, using artificial intelligence driven analysis, autonomous Wi Fi and virtual Bluetooth low-power technology, also provides comprehensive management services for personnel health monitoring for relevant enterprises and institutions, becoming a powerful AI assistant in the post epidemic era

we are honored to serve the economic recovery and development of all walks of life in the world at this difficult time through this technological innovation. In the coming global post epidemic era, zhanboluo will also continue to improve and upgrade the artificial intelligence driven security network, actively embrace the new network era of cloud +5g+ai, and use forward-looking technological innovation to help more industries and markets meet challenges and restore vitality

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