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Technology is controlled by people the export of construction machinery meets the threshold

technology is controlled by people the export of construction machinery meets the threshold

introduction to China Construction Machinery Information

all along, the construction machinery enterprises that have been going smoothly have encountered a trouble just entering the new year. Since january2011, the European Commission has implemented phase IIB emission standards for diesel engines with a power range of 130 ~ 560kw for non road machinery. The implementation of this standard will give China's construction machinery

the construction machinery enterprises that have been enjoying a smooth flow for a long time have just entered the new year and encountered a problem

since january2011, the European Commission has implemented phase IIB emission standards for diesel engines with a power range of 130 ~ 560kw for non road machinery. The implementation of this standard will put great pressure on the export business of China's construction machinery

increased cost pressure

"although the export share of China's construction machinery enterprises to the European market is small at present, the implementation of this standard will still have a certain impact on the export of China's construction machinery enterprises." Zhang Jie, Deputy Secretary General of industrial vehicles branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, told China industry news

she introduced that at present, most engines for industrial vehicles in China are imported from Japan. Due to the improvement of EU standards, Japanese engine brands will also be adjusted according to changes in market demand, so the price will likely increase

wangjinxing, director of the general office of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, calculated an account with the buyer that the price of a 5-ton loader with a domestic engine is about 40000-50000 yuan, while that of a foreign brand is about 70000-80000 yuan. As a purchaser, the enterprise can only earn less

according to Zhang Jie, if the profits are too thin, construction machinery enterprises can only resist the increase of costs by raising prices

wangzuguang, the Board Secretary of Liugong, also said in a media interview not long ago that the domestic engines can not meet the emission requirements of Europe and other places. Liugong will solve the problem of emission standards through international procurement. He also introduced that Liugong has purchased relevant foreign engine brands that meet the new standards

"the continuous improvement of foreign emission standards will further raise the export threshold of China's construction machinery." A machinery industry analyst said in an interview: "the biggest advantage of China's construction machinery is the price. Purchasing foreign engines with higher standards will further increase the cost of products and weaken the export competitiveness of products."

matching parts are controlled by people

"the engine has always been a weakness in China's engineering machinery matching parts", Zhang Jie also said that although China's engine technology has been continuously improved in recent years, the brand recognition in the foreign market is not high, resulting in the passive situation that the engine for engineering machinery has been controlled by people

at present, the construction machinery products equipped with domestic engines are mainly sold to developing countries, which are mainly middle and low-end products with low technical content and low profits

therefore, to improve the level of China's construction machinery products, it is necessary to improve the localization level of supporting parts

hezaihua, senior researcher of CIC consultants, pointed out that the breakthrough of key parts will be an important driving force for the construction machinery industry, but the current market situation is still worrying. Foreign investment in this sector accounted for 2 The experimental load should be symmetrically added to the center of 2 leaf spring seat, and the attack speed seems to be getting faster and faster. The benefits of foreign parts and components not only make huge profits for themselves, but also bring benefits to many foreign construction machinery companies

the delivery volume and supply cycle directly affect the production capacity. If foreign capital uses these two points to control the production capacity of Chinese enterprises, even if the domestic demand is further expanded, it will only create more market share for foreign-funded enterprises. To regain the right to speak in the market, we should master the manufacturing technology of parts

the export prospect is still promising

no doubt, the IIIB stage emission standard puts forward higher requirements for China's parts technology. In recent years, domestic infrastructure construction has been booming, and Chinese construction machinery enterprises such as XCMG and sany have made leaps and bounds. XCMG, Zoomlion and sany have all put forward a "100 billion level" development plan. According to the plan, the overseas market accounts for a large proportion. This year, China's construction machinery products will face great challenges in entering the international market

some experts believe that although there is uncertainty in the three major markets of the United States, Japan and Europe, China's market share in Asian, African and Latin American countries still (3) has room to rise in combination with public opinions

in particular, a number of emerging economies represented by India and Brazil have successively turned from recovery to rapid industrialization, generating strong demand for infrastructure construction and construction equipment, and there is great potential to increase China's market share in emerging economies

Zhang Jie said that in the international competition, China's construction machinery has advantages. For example, some well-known brands in Europe, America and Japan ship goods according to orders, so the receiving time is long. However, China's construction machinery enterprises can provide products in a short time as long as customers need them

in the future, the export of China's construction machinery will remain prosperous. It is estimated that in the first two years of the 12th Five Year Plan, the export of construction machinery will maintain a restorative growth based on 2010, and will show a rapid growth in the next few years. By 2015, the demand for main engine products of construction machinery in the international market will reach about US $200billion. The export of China's construction machinery products will reach about 20billion US dollars, becoming a major exporter in the world

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the first EU Emission Control Standard for non road mobile machinery [directive 97/68/ec] was issued on February 27th, 1998. Its phase I was implemented in 1999, and phase II was gradually implemented from 2001 to 2004 according to the engine power. At present, the implementation of the phase III pollution-free and low noise standard is divided into two steps: the first step (phase IIIA) only includes gaseous emissions, which will be implemented from december31,2005 to december31,2007. Compared with the limit value of phase II, the emission of nitrogen oxides will be reduced by 30%; The second step (phase IIIB) standard covers particulate emission, which will be implemented from December 31, 2010 to December 31, 2011. Compared with phase II, the particulate emission will be reduced by about 90%. It is expected that all engines will be equipped with particulate filters at that time. The EU phase IV emission standard will be implemented from 2014, which is equivalent to the American tier4 standard

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