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The Ministry of science and technology has incorporated 3D printing technology into the deployment plan. It is expected that China will become the largest 3D printing market.

with the rise of 3D printing technology, the world has attracted much attention. What changes will 3D printing bring to our future world? It is predicted that the domestic 3D printing technology market will reach nearly 10 billion yuan in the next three years, and will become the world's largest 3D printing market. The Ministry of science and technology has incorporated 3D printing technology into the deployment

recently, Luo Jun, Secretary General of China 3D printing technology industry alliance, revealed that in order to promote the industrialization of 3D printing technology, 10 industrial cities will be selected to build 3D printing technology industry innovation centers. It is planned to invest 20million yuan, and the local government will support it in a 1:1 ratio

in March this year, the 3D industry alliance signed a cooperation agreement with Nanjing and other cities to strengthen the willingness of China's 3D printing technology industry innovation center due to the continued upside down of China's 3D printing technology industry headquarters base and Sinosteel mine and the increasing downstream demand. According to Luo Jun, the innovation center includes a 3D printing technology product exhibition center, a science popularization and education center, a processing and service center, and a research and development center

Luo Jun said that through the cooperation of local governments, several research groups were formed to conduct special investigations on local traditional manufacturing enterprises, and then put forward comprehensive solutions. At the initial stage, the innovation center does not advocate selling products directly, but processing services first. When the time is ripe, the user enterprise has fully mastered the 3D printing technology, and then will provide the product to the user

in the future, 3D iron ore shipping activities in Australia will be reduced. India technology is most likely to take the lead in large-scale industrialization in the United States and China. Luo Jun believes that the development of 3D printing technology industry has become a national strategy of the United States. Although China has not yet issued a national strategy, the competent authorities are actively formulating relevant industrial support policies, and the Ministry of science and technology has incorporated 3D printing technology into the National 863 program

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