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The decoration of the house also has many Feng Shui matters that need our attention; So in geomantic omen, what are the matters needing attention in house decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

precautions for Feng Shui in house decoration

15 precautions for Feng Shui in house decoration

1. Use the balcony as a kitchen, danger

put the stove on the balcony, and it is easy to freeze and crack the pipeline in winter, causing safety accidents; In windy spring and summer, it is easy to blow out the fire and cause gas leakage

2. The bathroom is too damp and easy to get sick

the humid bathroom is easy to cause fungus breeding and reproduction, and induce respiratory diseases. Therefore, the wet mop should be dried and then put into the bathroom; Keep the sewer unblocked

3. Skillfully remove the peculiar smell at home

sprinkle some mountain potion at the sewer, mix some fresh orange peel in the flowerpot, put a bag of dried tea residue in the closet and drawer, put a little vinegar in the frying pan, heat and evaporate, all of which can remove the peculiar smell

4. Too many flowers in the room are tiring, and the indoor arrangement of plants should be less and refined.

too much will destroy the overall sense of the environment, which will not only be difficult to regulate the mood, but also cause visual fatigue

5. Choose the right curtain to have a good sleep

the curtains made of flocked fabric are thick, with good sound absorption and shading effects; Choose red and black curtains to help you fall asleep as soon as possible

6. Shower room

fully toughened glass is the safest to use semi toughened glass or hot bent glass. When using hot water in winter or cold water in summer, it may burst, and the safety of toughened glass is higher

7. Buying furniture samples is the most environmentally friendly

furniture samples are placed in the air for a long time, and formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances are completely released; Samples are mostly made of real materials, and some manufacturers will also carry out aldehyde removal treatment

8. Don't always sleep on the side of the mattress

the sleeping side of the mattress is easy to cause spring deformation and mattress depression. The new mattress should be separated by 2— Change the front and back and the direction of placement in 3 months

9. Windows should also be opened if there is a range hood

although the range hood can smoke the range hood, it cannot smoke the exhaust gas produced by gas combustion, which is more harmful to human body

10. Pet hair

use tea powder to sweep, drain the remaining tea powder, sprinkle it on the ground, and then sweep it with a broom. It is easy to remove pet hair, but it is best to use tea that has been brewed many times

11. Furniture bug

for wood furniture that has been eaten by insects, you can pound the sharp pepper or pepper into powder, insert it into the wormhole, and then apply paraffin oil to remove the insects for 10 consecutive days

12. Choose floor drains

stainless steel is good. Cast iron and cast copper floor drains have rough surfaces, are easy to rust, and have small drainage and slow flow rate; PVC floor drain has poor anti-aging performance and is easy to deform when it is cold and hot

13. Decorate the room and use less oil paintings

oil paintings contain a certain amount of soluble antimony, arsenic, barium, lead, mercury, selenium and other elements, which will be harmful to health if ingested excessively by the human body

14. Sweat a lot. Use bamboo charcoal mattress

the porous structure of bamboo charcoal enables the mattress to absorb carbon dioxide, ammonia and high humidity sweat gas discharged from the skin, so as to keep the body comfortable during sleep

15. Room color can also cure diseases

orange can induce appetite, indigo can help reduce patients' pain after surgery, and purple can calm nerves and eliminate tension

Feng Shui precautions for new house decoration

Feng Shui taboo 1 for new house decoration:

wallpaper color should be used with caution. Wallpaper is the most widely used wall decoration material at present, but improper use of color will also cause health problems. Orange affects sleep quality and should not be used in the bedroom, but it can induce appetite and decorate the restaurant; Gold is easy to reflect light, which is harmful to eyes; Color slows down the speed of thinking and should not be used in the study; Blue can be used in the bathroom to increase the sense of mystery and privacy; Large area use of black, pink, etc. should be avoided

Feng Shui taboo 2 for new house decoration:

no gap behind the head of the bed. The head of the bed should be close to the wall or the object, and there should be no gap. It is called “ in Feng Shui; Backer ”. Otherwise, it is easy to produce illusion and pessimism, and serious cases may lead to schizophrenia

Feng Shui taboo 3 for new house decoration:

the light in the living room should not be dark. The light in the living room should not be dark and gloomy, and the colors of the walls and curtains of the living room should not be too dark. Feng Shui pays attention to “ Bright hall and dark room ”, Emphasize that the living room should be more bright and full of light than the room. A bright living room can bring prosperity to the family, on the contrary, it may lead to financial disruption

Feng Shui taboo 4 for new house decoration:

attention should be paid to the size of bedroom area. The bedroom area should not be too large or too small, not more than 20 square meters, nor less than 3 square meters. The bedroom is too big, too bright, and there are too many windows. The Feng Shui Qi is easy to dissipate, the Yang Qi is insufficient, and the Yin Qi of loneliness is born. The Yin Qi is much, and the relationship between husband and wife is easy to cool, discord, and dispute. The bedroom is too small to be depressing

Feng Shui of the new house should also pay attention to that the stairs should not be facing the door directly. The ideal position of the stairs is to stand against the wall and should not be in the middle of the room. Feng Shui in the decoration of new houses should also pay attention to avoid placing sundries on the balcony, and the design of the ceiling should not be too complex, so as not to make residents feel oppressed. (guidaye Feng Shui

Feng Shui matters needing attention in house decoration

doorway: avoid door-to-door in the house by all means

remedial measures: if the kitchen is to the bathroom, always close the door of the house, and put some plants at the doorway to make the room more ventilated and blow away the ominous aura; If the kitchen is facing the bedroom, it is usually to put a glass of water at the door and reconcile it from the principle of mutual restraint

porch: the porch can't reach the top, and the wooden porch is the safest.

many people like to use fish tanks to urge wealth, but the wealth position of the house is not necessarily at the door. If the door is a person, it will be damaged. Therefore, the aquarium can't be placed randomly. The safest way is to put a wooden porch and a vase on it, which means safety in and out

living room: the sky is blue and the earth is muddy, and the four images return

the four images return, which means that the TV is usually placed in the green dragon position, the sofa is placed in the white tiger position, and so on. If the TV can't be placed in the green dragon position in the living room, it is suggested to stick ten thousand characters on the TV wall, because ten thousand characters represent auspiciousness and ten thousand methods belong to the sect

Kitchen: do not allow water and fire.

it is not recommended to use an open kitchen. The kitchen represents the gathering place of wealth. Opening the kitchen indicates that wealth is leaked, which will also affect marriage. And the way of cooking in China is not suitable for open cooking. If you make an open kitchen, you can only put some plants to block the atmosphere

bedroom: simple and quiet, with an open roof

don't put weird things such as knives, lions, tigers and other murderous decorations in the bedroom, which will be detrimental to people's sleep. Also, plants should not be placed in the bedroom. A simple, peaceful and quiet bedroom best meets the requirements of home feng shui




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