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Located in Hankou Jinyin Lake eco-tourism area, the beautiful coastal city of Sailuo is endowed with beautiful scenery and harmonious people's environment. So that people living there can spend their days happily. No matter what kind of decoration style, it can be combined with the beautiful scenery of Jinyin lake. Next, the case of modern simple style decoration of three bedrooms and two halls in the coastal city of sailor, which I want to introduce to you, is a very good example

owner's decoration files:

community: coastal Sailuo city (more decoration renderings of coastal Sailuo city) house type: three bedroom and two hall decoration style: modern simple decoration method: half package contract amount: 50000-100000 decoration company: Carnival decoration

Design Description: the design of this case focuses on the application of new materials and the advocacy of environmental protection and energy conservation, and is committed to the release of pressure and the manifestation of enriching life, The designer has made some adjustments in the functional layout, and the already open space is more open and circulating. The division of functional areas is natural and harmonious, and the new life of the space is reinterpreted in a bright and open way

in the small living room, the TV is sunken inside, and a cabinet is made on it, which instantly increases the storage capacity

I didn't buy the sofa. I made the card seat directly, which is convenient and economical. Does this flax feel good? With the red small pillow, it suddenly has a little impact on the vision. You can put things under the sofa. It's super convenient

in the small dining room next to the living room, many mirror decorations are used in my home, which are modern and can increase the sense of space. In fact, it's the restaurant empty in the corridor. The house is small and can only be used more

in fact, the door in front of the restaurant is the entrance door, and the porch is also saved. Looking at the living room from the restaurant, the space is very small, but it is very tidy. Because the storage problem was fully considered when installing, it seems that there is absolutely no mistake

the dry area of the bathroom is full of mosaics, which is very beautiful. The wet area is separated by frosted doors

the master bedroom is simple, and the small table is both a computer table and a dressing table. The color of the sliding door wardrobe in the master bedroom is the same as the wallpaper, which is more matching

the three bedroom and two hall house type map of coastal Sailuo city (Figure)

Introduction to coastal Sailuo city community

coastal Sailuo city is located in the 330000 square meter yellow lion coast (the intersection of Jinshan Avenue and Zhangbai Road) in the eco-tourism area of Jinyin Lake District, Hankou. It is adjacent to Jinshan Avenue, the "Chutian first road" in the south, Zhangbai road in the East, about 15 kilometers away from Hankou core business district, 7 kilometers away from Hankou railway station, and 18 kilometers away from Tianhe Airport; There are many bus lines such as No. 621, No. 713, No. 47 and so on reaching the community. Covering an area of 910000 square meters and a total construction area of about 1.45 million square meters, the coastal city of Salo plans five theme parks with world customs, including North American Central Park, Thai royal garden, Mediterranean style garden, Nordic romantic water garden, and Chinese style landscape garden. It has a large commercial center of 110000 square meters and a high school attached to Peking University of 60000 square meters. It is one of the largest ecological residential parks so far, which can accommodate and meet the urban life of more than 50000 people

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