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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and aesthetic standards in recent years, wall art is developing more and more diversified. Wallpaper decorative materials originated in Europe, Japan and South Korea have gradually become the preferred building materials for home decoration and wall decoration because of their rich styles and categories. Here are the selection precautions and maintenance methods of decoration wallpaper with the editor for your reference

precautions for the selection of decoration wallpaper

environmental protection is the primary condition for choosing wallpaper. Wallpapers are divided into a variety of materials. In the family, try not to choose PVC synthetic wallpapers, because the environmental protection performance of PVC is worse than that of natural wood pulp wallpapers, wood fiber wallpapers and fabric wallpapers, especially those that smell plastic

the quality of wallpaper cannot be judged simply by the price. At present, the price of many wallpapers is frighteningly high, even reaching several thousand yuan per roll. Therefore, consumers need to know more about the professional knowledge of choosing wallpapers. When choosing wallpapers, they should wipe them with water and burn them with fire, and make more comparisons. They should choose wallpapers with real high quality and low price. In particular, they should learn to identify real wood fiber wallpapers. Wood fiber wallpapers are the best among wallpapers, with high environmental protection, high ventilation, scrub resistance Coloring stability and many other advantages

when choosing wallpaper, you should consider the whole. You may like the pattern and color of a certain wallpaper, but when it is spread in a large area, the effect may not be very good, or it is inconsistent with the overall style of the room and furniture, so the selection of wallpaper should start from the whole. First determine your favorite style, and then start from the color, pattern and characteristics of the wallpaper, so that it varies from person to person and from room to room. Generally, wallpapers of different colors and designs are selected according to different functions in each room. At the same time, you must get the wallpapers you like 2 meters away from the backlight to find the feeling

there is a lot of knowledge about the installation of wallpaper. Many insiders mentioned that the final effect of wallpaper depends on the wallpaper itself, with 3 points and 7 points depending on the installation. Precisely because the types of wallpaper vary greatly, the effect of wallpaper can be fully displayed only after it is paved and installed by a professional construction service team

at present, wallpaper companies in the industry have the most perfect construction service system, with a set of professional wallpaper construction tools and a group of professionally trained construction teams. Based on years of strict control over the product quality of suppliers and manufacturers and the accumulation of rich experience in wallpaper paving, they can comprehensively solve the worries of consumers when purchasing wallpaper

maintenance method of decoration wallpaper

1. Humidity: during the construction of wallpaper and wall cloth, the relative humidity of the air should be less than 85% and there should be no sharp change in the season, so avoid the construction in the wet season and on the wet wall

2. Cleaning: foamed wallpaper and wall cloth are easy to accumulate dust, which will affect the appearance and tidiness. Clean it every 3-6 months, and wipe it with a vacuum cleaner or brush dipped in clean water. Be careful not to let water seep into the joints

3. Pasting: when pasting wallpaper and wallpaper, the adhesive flowing out should be wiped clean with a clean towel at any time, especially the glue marks at the joints should be cleaned. Construction personnel or supervisors must check carefully. The hands and tools of construction personnel should be kept highly clean

4. Repair: at ordinary times, pay attention to prevent hard objects from hitting and rubbing the wall. After a certain period of time, the cracks in some joints should be subsidized in time and should not be allowed to develop

editor's summary: the above is the relevant introduction of the selection precautions and maintenance methods of decoration wallpaper. Because everyone has different needs, their choices are also different. The above information is for your reference. Hope to help friends who need this





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