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Speaking of winter, I believe many people will use "cold" to describe it. Therefore, people's inherent concept that winter is not suitable for decoration

speaking of winter, I believe many people will use "cold" to describe it. Therefore, people's inherent concept that winter is not suitable for decoration. However, some people think that winter is also suitable for decoration. Let's take a look at their reasons and matters needing attention in decoration

advantage 1: good woodworking quality

winter is the driest season of the year. At this time, the moisture content in the wood is the lowest and the dryness is the best. In this season, the wood is not easy to crack and deform. In addition, there is a certain temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter, which can just test the wood and construction quality. After only oneortwo months, the potential quality problems (such as dryness and deformation) will be reflected in time. At this time, before painting and handover, the construction personnel can immediately modify or dismantle it, which can ensure the quality of wood decoration for a long time

advantage 2: good paint effect

the quality of paint directly affects the final effect of decoration. Because the air is relatively dry in winter, the paint dries quickly, which effectively reduces the adsorption of dust particles in the air. At this time, the paint effect is the best

as the saying goes, nothing is perfect. What should we pay attention to when decorating in winter

first, pay attention to the temperature

Miss Weng, the designer of Haomeijia, told Xiaobian that when decorating in winter, we must pay attention to the laying of tiles. If the temperature is below zero, it is best not to carry out the tile laying process, because it is easy to cause the tiles to fall off when constructing at such a low temperature

as for paint construction, Miss Weng said that the best temperature is not less than 5 degrees Celsius. Some paint coatings will indicate the construction temperature in the instructions, which should be strictly followed during construction

second, pay attention to ventilation

compared with other seasons, formaldehyde and other harmful substances contained in materials are less likely to volatilize after decoration in winter. If harmful gases still exist in large quantities indoors, with the use of air conditioners and heaters after occupancy, formaldehyde will be released when the indoor temperature rises; When spring and summer come and the temperature rises, formaldehyde will be released again. Therefore, regular indoor ventilation should be maintained, and the combination of turning on the air conditioner and heater to raise the indoor temperature should be combined to fully release formaldehyde. In addition, the newly purchased furniture should also be parked indoors synchronously for a period of time. It is best to move into a new home about one to two months after the decoration materials and new furniture are completely ventilated

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