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Antique white style is a kind of wood lacquer style widely loved by all walks of life. Its lasting appeal and elegant and noble decorative effect are inferior to other styles

antique white style is a kind of wood paint style widely loved by all walks of life. Its long lasting charm and elegant and noble decorative effect are inferior to other styles. The carefully designed wood lacquer construction process of digital color allows painters to easily and accurately obtain satisfactory antique effect. Now let me show you the construction steps of the digital color antique white style of the wood paint construction process. Use 360 mesh sandpaper to polish the wood wool and wood brush on the surface of the board along the wood grain

1. Prepare and brush da56 gel coat primer in proportion (da56:dn0003=1:1-1.5), and polish it with 360 mesh sandpaper after drying

2. Prepare with dn18s-1 semi gloss pure white paint according to the proportion (1:1.5-1.8), spray it for 2-3 times, Polish between layers, make the board surface white, cover it well, level it well, and open the wooden eyes

3. After the bottom paint film is completely dry, the rubbing process can be carried out without grinding. Adjust the color (313H) with da59 antique white special Beishi, wipe it in a circular way, and then wipe the excess color on the surface of the wood diameter with a clean cotton cloth

4. Prepare dkp-2105 semi gloss antifouling glaze (single component) in proportion (dkp-2105:dn0003=1:1-1.5), and spray it for 1-2 times

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