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Children are the future of a family and all the hopes of the family. Everything is for children, so parents need to take care of their children every step, especially the children's room, which is where they sleep every day. Therefore, consideration must be given to the layout and other aspects, so that children can live in a comfortable room

first, facing

children's room, it is suitable to choose a sunny direction. The best position is in the east or southeast of the house, which can receive the energy of sunshine at the earliest time, which is conducive to physical and mental health, especially to ensure that there is enough sunshine on the desk

II. Pattern

when arranging children's rooms, you should not choose strange rooms, such as triangles or prisms, which will affect the development of personality and easily make children grumpy and extreme. We should keep a square house type, which can guide children to be upright and behave well, which has a great impact on the future. Setting up play areas can make them grow healthily in the game

III. color

the color of the environment has a great impact on children's character. For example, blue and purple can shape children's quiet character; Pink and light yellow are suitable for gentle and clever girls; Orange and yellow can make children sunny and positive; Green sea blue can make your thoughts more free; Warm colors such as red and Brown can make children more enthusiastic and improve their mobility. Therefore, the color selection should be determined according to the child's personality. It is recommended to use complementary colors. Avoid mismatching with personality and conflicting with the zodiac

the room is suitable for fresh and bright colors, mainly bright colors, which can make children feel safe and eliminate the fear of being alone. Avoid monotonous colors. All kinds of fresh colors can stimulate children's imagination and vision development. Note that gray, blue, black, dark coffee, etc. are not suitable for the main color of children's room

IV. decorations

there are 4 pages in total. Page 1 1234 the next page children's room should place appropriate decorations that reflect children's characteristics for children's entertainment. It is suitable to hang simple and lively geometric patterns, which can inspire children's inspiration and promote brain development. It is not suitable to place paintings, carvings, bonsai and other appreciative handicrafts irrelevant to children. Avoid using deep and dignified oil paintings, which is easy to make children feel blue. Avoid using grotesque animal portraits, sad words or depressed pictures, tortoise shells, giant folding fans, swords and other accessories are not suitable for display in children's rooms

v. floor

the floor of the children's room should be flat and non slip. It is forbidden to use a hard floor, which not only gives people a cold and hard feeling visually, but also has potential hazards such as falling injury. It is suitable for choosing floors with good skid resistance and wear resistance

VI. furniture

children's room furniture should be simple, novel and small, in line with children's physical characteristics, and should be placed against the wall as far as possible, leaving more space for children to move. Children are active, so furniture must have smooth edges and corners to avoid unnecessary accidents. And children develop faster, it is best to choose free lifting tables and chairs, so as not to cause children myopia or hunchback

pay attention to the reservation of storage space. Children grow up slowly and want to keep their "secrets"

furniture style should not be too adult. Furniture can have attributes that inspire children, such as beds like cars, desks like building blocks, etc., to guide them to explore the world around them

VII. Bed

the choice of children's bed should be able to conform to the curve of the human body, bear weight evenly, and will not produce a sense of oppression. Don't blindly pursue high prices and beauty, while ignoring breathability, which is detrimental to children. It should have strong supporting force to avoid spinal bending caused by long-term sleep subsidence. The mattress should not be too soft, so as not to form a bad habit of love and enjoyment and lack of fighting spirit. Bedding and curtains should also be changed in different seasons and ages. Curtains can choose light colors or fabrics with cartoon patterns

VIII. Toys

the color of children's toys should not conflict with the child's natural Zodiac. The zodiac rat and pig should be white, blue and black, and avoid red, yellow and coffee; Zodiac monkeys and chickens should be white, and avoid black, blue and green; Zodiac snakes and horses should be red, green and yellow, and avoid black, blue and white; Zodiac tigers and rabbits should be green, and avoid white, blue and black; Chinese Zodiac dragons, dogs, cattle and sheep should be brown, and avoid red, green and yellow

when not in use, toys should be placed in storage cabinets or storage boxes. Toys are scattered all over the room, which is easy to trip. Stacking on desks and beds may also affect learning concentration, sleep and health

IX. lighting

the lighting of the children's room should be coordinated with the overall style of the room, and the color style should be consistent. It is best not to use dim and cold colored lights, avoid direct lighting, and it is best to use diffuse lighting or place non flashing eye protection desk lamps on the desk, so as to reduce the possibility of children's vision weakening and give people a warm feeling

there are 4 pages in total, page 1 1234 next page 10. Plants

you can put some flowers that absorb pollutants in the indoor air in the room to purify the air and beautify the room, but don't put too many. It is suitable for aloe vera, hanging basket, cockscomb, golden green rose and other plants, but not suitable for orchids, Mimosa, rose, cactus and other plants

Xi. Mirror

children's desks should avoid looking at the mirror. This layout will make them nervous and distracted. It should also avoid looking at the bed. Mirror images at night are easy to frighten children, and mirrors should not be hung at the entrance of the room

12. Clock

a clock is suitable for children's room. The swinging sound of the pointer and the rhythmic ticking sound will bring a lot of regularity and rhythm to children's growth and teach them to cherish time

I hope children can grow up happily

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when talking about Feng Shui on the desk, the first thing you think about is where the desk is placed, which will help Feng Shui and Qi games, or where it will damage your own fortune

although these are very important, some details in the office or near the desk will have a certain adverse impact on your fortune if you don't pay more attention to them

put Feng Shui on your desk - these little things will destroy Feng Shui

1. Garbage cans: look at the location of the garbage cans in your office. I believe most people realize that their garbage cans seem to be placed next to your desk all the time. After all, for the sake of office, most people will put it like this, but we should be clear that the garbage can is filled with garbage, so it is filthy. If it is close to the desk, it will inevitably damage the feng shui of the desk, so it is recommended to put the garbage can a little farther away

2. Ashtray: you may not pay much attention to this at ordinary times. After all, where is the ashtray not on the desk? You should know that the five elements of an ashtray belong to fire. If the five elements of the owner belong to wood, water and gold, placing them on the desk will have a certain suppressing effect on your own luck. And the ashtray also has a certain filthy gas, so it is recommended to be a little far away from yourself, or put it away when not in use

3. Sharp tools: are there any sharp tools on the desk? The answer is yes, such as art knives, stapler nails or thumbtacks, etc. all belong to the category of sharp weapons. In geomantic omen, these sharp weapons are taboo, because these things are easy to attract ferocity or destroy the geomantic aura, so it is recommended to put them away when not in use, rather than put them on the desk

although these are some details, they are also the most easily ignored places, so we must pay more attention to them

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