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The theme of pastoral style is to be close to nature and show the breath of simple life. The biggest characteristics of pastoral style are: simplicity, kindness and reality. Today, Xiaobian will take you to see the idyllic decoration of the newly married couple's home of poly Raffi. It is said that it only cost 80000 yuan to decorate, but it's all inclusive. Can't you believe it

decoration owner's file: Decoration community: Poly Lafite (more poly Lafite decoration effect pictures) decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map) decoration cost: all inclusive 50000-100000 decoration style: rural style decoration house type: 3 rooms and 2 halls

the living room is very spacious, and behind the TV is a long strip-shaped background wall, which has the effect of lengthening the inner space. I have to admire the designer's intelligence. The sofa with flower pattern is a style that the owner likes very much. I also think it's great. It decorates the living room beautifully and has a very pastoral atmosphere

look at the bedroom again. Do you feel the same as me? It's absolutely beautiful. The whole bedroom is filled with a brilliant and warm atmosphere. The matching of gauze curtains with floral wallpapers and bedding is natural

the broken flowers in the countryside bring you warmth and; Romance. The red window screen gives people a sense of mystery. The dressing of the master bedroom is not only fresh and idyllic, but also a bit more mysterious for mature women

the effect of the living room sofa from a distance is better. The wall behind the sofa is a bright spot, and the green one has the flavor of nature. The host also knows how to decorate, and put potted plants at home, which also makes the room full of vitality

entering the study gives me a very good feeling. The light pink floral wallpaper gives me a very warm feeling. There are also beautiful chairs that match the room. The owner told me that the decoration of this study was mainly for my daughter's consideration, and I immediately felt like a loving parent

editor's comments: the owners of poly Raffi's two bedroom and one living room decoration plan have high comments. Whether it's the design or the later home soft decoration, the overall decoration cost is not high, and the pictures are very beautiful. Do you still want to see other decoration renderings? Or sign up for decoration bidding and get 3 decoration effect plans for free





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